Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Back in BlogLand


Organized my photos, and have FINALLY returned to my blog.  

We shall see how long the blog-kick lasts.  

In the meantime...ENJOY!

Meet lil Juki.  
The cutest little barn-cat turned HOME-cat there ever was.

My little musician, my nephew and Godson, Colton.
Little dude looks just THRILLED with his maraca.

Honestly.  CUTEST.

Oh, dear....the little man is becoming his father.

I laugh EVERY TIME I see this comic!

Come ON!

LOVING the look of my back deck.  SMOOTH!

How I love baptizing the little ones. 

He was a DOLL!

Needed to starch the fabric so I could 
cut triangles without them stretching.  

DUDE!  Can't wait to see you in person...SOON!

What a difference TWO years makes!

Cutest little face to pop-out from my office chair.

Not exactly my color palette,
but still fun to work on.

Little Daredevil.

Aw....Honoring +Bert Hayward+,
a man I met through his family last September.
Hard to watch Ann, watching +Jerry+,
also gone too soon.  

Then, without any warning,
we lost +Carol Jacobson+, one of my teaching profs 
at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary.

They are beginning to get along...
Wallace still wants to know why he suddenly has a shadow.

Matching Paw Patrol Pals
(the one I have is for him).

SUCH a character.  
Sitting at the smallest seat in Sheboygan!

Enjoying a Luau with the Ladies.

T-REX meets Red Dino.

Baptism Day for both Athena (almost 5) and Ava (9 months),
the daughters of my cousin Angela and her husband Austin. 
Go, A-Team!

It was sooooo hot that day!

The Whole Fam (plus some extras)

Look at THESE pals!
Colton and Gma Dot.

For the love.
His father did the same thing when he was that age.

I swear, he looks like a little, old man,
enjoying the planes and jets of the EAA in Oshkosh.

YAY!  Aunt B is happy to have 
her little buddy WITH her in the UP!

He picked up the microphone, and immediately said:
"Hello, everybody.  My name is Colton Kenneth Greenwald.
Aunt Brenda:  play something on the piano!"

If this video plays,
you'll be able to hear the kiddo singing.
LOVE his little moves!  

Then, he wanted to switch places while HE played.
What a hoot.

VERY confused at the large, 
Nativity characters he found in the basement.  
I had the same reaction, little buddy.  SAME reaction.  

LOOOOOOVED the pond at Ann's house.

We all spent time making sure 
he didn't tip over into the water...

...or fall down the river bank...

...or harming the froggies.

He captured a few, but as you'll notice in the yellow circle,
the froggies knew how to FLY to ESCAPE!

Oh, my little musician!  
He genuinely seems to love music.  

Me thinks they are getting to be pals.

Summer campfires are the BEST.

Julie, Brad, and Colton then headed to LOWER MI
to see his other grandparents.  
Here he is with both sets.  

Oliver (my godson) and Theodore.
I'll get to see them in just a few weeks!

I wish I could say I love these photos...

...but they are hard to enjoy when you know
they are because of fire smoke from the west.  UGH.

Ran into a total stranger - turned - pal after noticing her nametag
said Sun City West LOL...a church I knew well!
Not only had I interviewed there for internship,
but that's where Kathleen interned, and where Pam is now a Pastor!

Evie is ALWAYS such a kick - such a spirited kiddo!

Seems to run in the family!

Global Leadership Summit 2021 with Linda!
Who better with whom to learn more effective and inspirational 
leadership techniques than with the one who led me!?

Colt's Aunt and Uncle in Lower MI gave him a TANK!
Brad FaceTimed me as they traveled down the sidewalk
during a walk/run in Colorado!  Hilarious!

YAAAAAAAY!  A unique tour of Lambeau Field,
home of the Green Bay Packers.

YUP!  We are RIGHT next to THE FIELD!

Come on.  She's just TOO cute.

First Communion Class with these brothers.

Gotta love the fact that the APRON 
is almost as long as HE is!  HA!

So proud of their curiosity about the Lord's Supper.

Her naps are just SO darling.

Gotta love the UP:  fresh produce from dear congregants.

Remember those fabric strips I needed to starch!?
This is the result!  WHOA!  Such color!

Here's a much better pic of that tank.  

Yet ANOTHER, faith-filled fellow,
learning all about Holy Communion.

Sara and I drove to Green Bay  (ok, SARA drove)
to meet up with Jenna,
one of her Mom's dearest nurses.  

HAD to jump out of the car to take this pic.

WHAT!?  Kimba found me at the SportsCenter we visited!
What a KICK!  I've known her since my NURSERY days!
What a joyful surprise!

See the little orange ball in the water!?
Yeah.  That's where MOST of our mini-golf balls went!

See the little BLUE ball in the CENTER of the hole?
Oh, yeah...HOLE IN ONE, baby!

FREAKIEST moment by far - 
ALLLL of these birds suddenly decided to take off!  EEEK!


Hey, Birthday Boy!  
I'll see you in Iowa very soon!

Seriously.  FIVE
Oliver was the infant I cared for at night during seminary 
so that his Dad could go to work, 
and his Mama could finish her daily homework.  
SUCH JOY for me.  

Our flowers at church are looking AMAZING!

There's that little Faith Former, bowtie and all!

BENNERS!  How fun to see Seminary colleagues 
on the covers on magazines.  

....and SO fun to see Dot via her tablet.
(She's almost 93!  Using a Tablet!)

The ONLY way I could figure out to keep that leaping Wallace from joining Juki in my sewing room.  That's where I keep the little one's food (for now).  She's still tiny enough to squeeze in-between the bars of the gate below, but Wally kept trying to snack on her food!

Ah.....Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp.
A few days away, seeking shalom, on a Clergy Retreat.

Lots of laughter with Linda, one of my local colleagues.
We NEEDED the laughter!

LOVING the lake time.

THEN, Sarah (who normally lives in Denver, CO)
was visiting family in Wisconsin, so we met for lunch in GB.
What a fun and full week!

Seriously, little girl.  
I was going to USE that bag!  HA!

They look soooooooo guilty!

Quilter's Cupboard!  
We travelled to Iowa to attend Kathleen's Installation 
and Theo's baptism...but just HAD 
to stop at a few quilt shops along the way.  

APPARENTLY, this is how Ann felt with my driving!
WHAT E V E R !!!  HA!

The Big Day:  Kath and Josh, with Oliver and Theo,
and Bishop Amy Currant.  

LOVE seeing my friends behind the Table.

Grandma and Grandpa Snyder got in on the smiles.

How I miss this dear friend!

Hooray for Cornhole at Church!

Seriously.  SO stinking cute. 

A BEAUTIFUL campus - Memorial Lutheran Church
in Nevada, Iowa.

We snuck in some time at the local Botanic Gardens in Ames - 
these looked absolutely electric!

There was an upcoming quilt show!  What luck!
They hung unfinished quilt squares to advertise.

THIS winged friend took a liking to Ann.

SO COOL:  Kaleidoscopes trained on a 
bowl of flowers that rotates.
ABSOLUTELY beautiful!

This gives you a clue as to how LARGE this blossom was.

The following are the man,
MANY hilarious faces of one darling,
Theodore Ezekiel Lotz!  

Caught a happy one with my Godson.  

Dinner with the Gang.

Such a sweet face....

...even if he's pretending to attack!

Our last, most spectacular shop in Fennimore, WI.
Holy Moses.  The shop just kept going and going and going!
Great way to conclude our road trip. 

....and ONE more of the boy,
 having a BLAST at his day care.

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