Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Good, The Bat, and The Babies

My ever-amusing life.

The Good: Lollipop Lake outside Denver.
FABULOUS way to begin a morning.

The Good: our next Half-Marathon
is coming up on August 14th. BOOYA!

The Good: I'm not telling anyone where I parked the Santa Fe to get this view. I've found that if you put the seats down in my new vehicle, it's a lovely area to read. My very own portable book nook. With a view. Mine.

The Bat: He's hanging out right outside my door.
Not cool. Shoo, shoo, SHOO!
He actually looks like a hanging hamster,
which makes things even more ridiculous.

The Babies: pretty sure you're not supposed to hide your purse in the manger. (What can I seemed like the safest spot at the moment...thanks, Baby J!)

The Babies: Sweet pea Katie's baptism! I ADORE this photo! She's so serene, and the Christian boys are watching with awe! (That's their last name - Christian. Which makes them the Christian Christian Boys. Christian squared.) Children of God!

The Babies: Jack Jack visiting from Wisconsin!
Kathy's little one and I had a blast!
They simply need to move closer to Colorado.

The Babies: Miss Emma came to visit this past week.
Doesn't get any better than itty, bitty baby toes.

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Tammy said...

Wow, it's been forever since I was here - really, before my vacation. You are too sweet to put Zachary on here. Did you swipe those pic's from my blog?!?!?

Love the new ride too - are you still enjoying it? Are you glad you bought it?

Your skies in Colorado are breathtaking. Really incredible