Monday, May 31, 2010

Alive in the Spirit!

May 23, 2010:  Pentecost was an arm-raising, dove-flying, balloon-floating, ball-throwing, beanbag-tossing, spirit-filled Sunday at Bethany Lutheran Church here in Denver!  Here's a link to Pr Ruth Ann's spirited sermon.  The Spirit was everywhere!

Fifteen doves (3 for the Trinity and 12 more for either the Apostles or the 12 tribes take your Biblical pick) were released from our main entrance on Hampden Ave.  Jeremiah, Charlotte, and I took a sneak peek at the doves before we opened the cage door and let them fly.  And fly they did.  Almost directly into the windshield of the car that happened to be turning at that exact moment into the church!    (No animals and/or vehicles were harmed in the releasing of these doves.)

Love that little Charlotte!

Carole specifically did NOT wear RED on May she could save her RED outfit for Pentecost...which she thought was May 30.  :o)  We found her some red toothpicks and a red stir stick so she could join the red fun!

A bouncy church.  At church.  Unreal!

Release the doves, part 2.  
We watched from a safe distance this time...

Fly!  Fly away!  Be free!

This is Stacie.  
This is Stacie innocently planning to take pictures of doves.

This is Stacie realizing she may 
have stood a bit too close to the doves.

This is Stacie ducking for cover as 
the incoming doves approach.  HA!

Come, Holy Spirit, come!

Sarah, who TAKES all the pictures, 
finally having her picture TAKEN!

The entire Carnival part of the morning was held to raise money for the upcoming high school trip to Washington.  This included, oh yes, a dunk tank.  I love my church.

Here's Joni, taking one for the team.  LOVE the goggles.  

Long-time choir member Joyce taking her turn at 
dunking Dan Grace, the choir director.   Way to go, Joyce! 

Well, if JOYCE could dunk him, so could I!  This would be the last-minute pleading, dare I say, begging, from Dan Grace for me not to dunk him.  Actually, the conversation went more like this:

Me:  You're going down.
DG:  Now, Brenda, there's this saying...payback is...
Me:  Good to know.  You're still going down.  

Pretty good form, if I do say so myself!  
(We will not mention the fact that I missed.  Next year, Dan Grace.  Next year.) 

This is Ruth Ann.  
This is Ruth Ann, all nice and dry.
This is Ruth Ann, about to be submerged!

Oh, Henry!  Nice shot!

What was that she had JUST said earlier in the day, during her sermon?  Let us recall...  "If you want to truly get open to the Spirit, lift your hands!  High, not so high, or just a little depending on your comfort level."

Raise 'em high! Come, Holy Spirit, COME!

Well, I wasn't about to let that little incident with DG discourage me from trying again.  I think the gleeful grin on my face tells the tale....2 out of 3 had Ruth Ann under water once again!  :)

All in good fun - she's still speaking to me!

The water wings made one last appearance as Pr Ron took his turn in the tank.  All that more amusing, considering his 8 ft. frame allowed him to just about stand when 'dunked'!

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

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