Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm going to apologize right now, for I'm about to become the most boring Blog on the block. I am CHAINED to the computer right now, preparing for my final Masters Presentation. I will happily begin blogging again around 08.08.08, the day I am finally FREE! See you then! BG

Sunday, July 6, 2008

National Lampoon's Sunday Morning

Good grief. I just wanted to go to church, enjoy the music of the new organist, and have a calm, peaceful morning.

I woke up cranky, knowing I had a ton of things to do, no new e-mail (strike 1 for the male species), and the sky was gray. (That's enough reason to be cranky, right?!) Anywho, headed to Starbucks for my Iced Green Tea Latte. The old guys at church usually tease me about my strange green drink. I've just told them that it's guacamole. That usually stops the teasing.

Bjørk, the new Starbucks goon, has no idea what this drink is, where to find it on the keypad, and refuses to ask the more seasoned employee behind him for help. Men. Strike 2 for the day. He rings me up with the wrong price, which I can't let go. He was going to charge me $1.80 for my $3.80 drink. While I wouldn't mind the extra change, I can't begin a Sunday morning by ripping off the local Starbucks, even if Bjørk can't figure things out. Good karma, right?

Off to church. Green drink in hand, I whip around the Round-about twice, narrowly avoiding the approaching cops. I'll consider that the instant karma payoff, as I wasn't seen or stopped by Mr. Police man.

The service was supposed to start at 8:00, but the promptness was delayed by the TWELVE minute prelude by the new organist. Now, while it was nice to actually hear the instrument being played happily for once, 12 minutes? Ladies and gentlemen, the ego has entered the sanctuary. ARGH. Strike 3.

I tried to pay attention today, but was really distracted. Why, you say?
  • Gophers. Yes, gophers. They kept popping up in the field next to our church. Pop. Pop again. Hysterical.
  • 18 fans. All running during the service. Not sure I heard more than 3 words.
  • Retired pastor. 100 years old, maximum speaking speed: 10 mph.
  • Sound system. Off, on, off, sort of on, crackle, off. Lovely.
  • Nose ring. Mentioned in the Scriptures today. Again, hysterical. Genesis.
  • Mumbler. What we were called by the 100 year old pastor. Perhaps it was all the fans.

COME ON. No one can be expected to focus under THESE circumstances. And please don't forget the gophers. Pop.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Journey of Faith

A dear friend bravely shared her personal faith journey with me over the weekend, and below is a collection of faith thoughts that came to mind when responding to her. Apparently, amidst all the members of her congregation who have shared their faith journeys, not a single one has ever experienced doubt about their faith, and she is hesitant to share her personal thoughts.

When I read this, my first reaction was disappointment. I do not believe that people of faith never have doubts. I think that's impossible. Goodness, think of how many people in the Bible had doubts about their faith, and then watch how they grew through those moments of wonder.

I think back to when Mother Theresa's diary was published. Now, I don't think ANYONE'S diary should ever be published - the person who found that diary should have done her a service, and burned it. But rather, it was shared with the world, and I remember the 'outrage' when people discovered that she doubted her own faith. For me, the discovery and subsequent publishing of the diary did just the opposite. Knowing that a person like Mother Theresa had her doubts and reaffirmations about her faith only made her works, her deeds, and her words that much more powerful and meaningful to me. I admired and respected her ten times more knowing she had worked for her faith, and that it did not necessarily come easily to her. It made her all that more human to me.

It's that old adage of it's the JOURNEY, not the DESTINATION. Sounds cliché, but is rather relevant in this context. I don't mean to put down those who have shared their journey at her church, I just wonder how truthful and honest they have been with themselves not to share the whole story. Someone people can only share the happier, more complete parts of themselves with others. They leave out the holes, the struggles, the parts that portray them as anything but completely together. I believe that my friend will bring a unique perspective, as she's only been a part of her congregation for a short period of time. I think what's different for her members is that they've known each other for a long time. I know that sharing my story with my congregation back in WI would be a whole lot different than sharing it here in CO. My story wouldn't change, but I know the reaction to it would.

She mentioned that she didn't censor herself at all in her written faith journey. I think that censoring is a unique way to spin "I'm omitting details that are truthful, and important." That wouldn't be authentic, and it wouldn't change any of the facts. I think about how much more powerful her story will be to those who are listening if they, too have struggled. I know I would be comforted to hear of her struggles, her moments of weakness, only to still see her standing in front of me, still ok, still human. It's all the pieces that make the whole, and sometimes the pieces aren't always whole to begin with.

My heartfelt kudos to a brave soul who is only beginning her journey of faith. What an amazing example she is to us all!