Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unidentified Objects

And....now I'm caught up once again. Whew.

If it's choir season, it's time for cool
Money Men from the MacLeans!

Please, oh please, what is UNIDENTIFIED!?

Do you see what I see? Love it!

Okay, so I can't draw. I don't even pretend I can draw.
I always make a full disclaimer to the kids.

My green frog on a log, however, was especially bad.
The labeled frog above my frog was a child's solution
to my horrendous attempt at this amphibian!

The next day, I received two drawings
of what a frog really looks like.
Thank you, children.

Ooh, la la Frog.

(overheard in store)

"Mom, I'm afraid of the giant cat!"
"What cat?" says the mom.


So SO not amused to find this on my chair.
The kids thought they were HILARIOUS.

Melody Mobile in the Music Room.
I love kid spelling.

Brenda has a new hat! WOOHOO!

Again with these funny t-shirts this year.

Theme and Variation - the musical concept of the day.

This little one decided that mutant ninja
turtles needed to make a comeback.

Finally, can you identify this object?

Only after slicing into it did we determine
it to be a mini cucumber! (I think...)

Fall in Colorado

Have I mentioned I love living in Colorado?


Faith in Action

The youth at Bethany are lucky people: They have the most creative, caring adults working on their behalf. They have people who care to introduce them to the principles of faith formation. They have people who realize preaching at them wouldn't yield half the results of letting them watch faith in action.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce the 4 Keys:
Caring Conversations, Rituals and Traditions, Service and Devotions

Confirmation students and their caring adult counterpoints, gathered around the font to remember their baptismal promise to walk in the faith.

Our pledge to the students.

A mom and son moment - love it!

The pledge of the congregation.

Meet Holden Grace, one big-hearted, creative, social, and faith-seeking 7th grader. I'm excited to watch him grow during his Confirmation journey!

A Bunny, the Mob, and the World's Largest Zucchini

Back to Church Sunday was September 12 - a national movement that encourages people to invite a friend to church. We had a "Fair" of sorts in the Fellowship Hall, and, while it might not have brought everyone back to church, it certainly highlighted the many ministries, programs, and opportunities to serve.

God's Garden - supporting the people of Zimbabwe.

Family Ministries had a bunny. A really, tall bunny. Hmm....

The dynamic duo: Adult Learning team and Faith Formation

This cracked me up: the (totally dedicated and caring) men's ministry at Bethany is called the MOB. (Men of Bethany). Tough guys....and their little red balloon! HA!

Warren and Operation One Nation, our veteran's support ministry.

Race for the Cure is coming up - love Cathy's hat!
Here's to fighting the battle...and winning!

Someone gave me the world's largest zucchini. Seriously, a man asked me if I wanted it, and I was so shocked by the size of this thing, I didn't even focus on WHO gave it to me! HUGE!

I think it would make a lovely neck pillow for my next flight.

Or...just a happy smile! :)

Faithful Soles - September 11th

Booya - another 20 miles under our feet! Faithful Soles Sarah, Ron, and myself participated in the Lost and Found Freedom Run/Walk/Rally on September 11th. Seriously, if you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would be walking 20 miles on a Saturday, I would have laughed. Loudly.

Other than locking my keys in the car before the race even began (hooray for Triple A friends - authentic, available, affirming...AND card-carrying members), it was a splendid Saturday outdoors.

I made the t-shirt I wore for the race - Operation One Nation
is the veteran assistance program at Bethany.

Booya for brothers!


Proof positive I'm not the one on my phone all the time.
Wait...I used my phone to take this picture.

We followed these yellow ribbons along our 20 mile trek.
Very visible way to commemorate the day.

You know I love water. Any form.
This was the turn-around point.

This may have been right around the time we were singing along with Angela Lansbury and "A Step in the Right Direction" from Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Honestly, people it was a hot morning. We needed some inspiration!


Almost done...


We weren't quite done for the day...Back to Church day was the next day, and the windows at church needed a bit'o'attention. Shiny, aren't they? Great day!