Friday, July 5, 2013

One-eyed, No-horned Cooking Purple Play Dough Maker

"It was a One-eyed, No-horned 
Cooking Purple Play Dough Maker."

Just rolls off your tongue, doesn't it?  :)

 Seriously.  Loving.  Summer.  Days.

Works for me.

If I have to do homework, then I'm going
 to do it outdoors, thank you very much.

Oh, this little guy should be outdoors.  

Running free. Playing water gun tag with his buddies.  Prayers for Sawyer, recovering over in the Children's Hospital in San Antonio, TX.  He's been there forever (weeks now) and we just want him healthy, back in action and home here in CO. 

When I uploaded this photo, I did all the normal things I do to get it blog-ready - cropped, lightened things up if necessary...but I had to stop when I almost clicked on straighten.  STRAIGHTEN.  If only that was all it took to help Sawyer and his ribs.  Prayer of healing heading your way, Soy boy.  
This is going to be ALL OVER my classroom this next year.  
Literally and figuratively.

*(@#$&(* Take that, stupid teacher evals. (*@&#$*

You can quantify and qualify my scholastic skills,
but you'll never injure my heart or the heart of my children!

Speaking of stupid...Had to mess with Siri a LITTLE this week.  

 Wow.  A bit touchy, aren't we, Siri?  

 A Picard-y third.  :)
+ Just for you, Mary Alice. +

Hmmm.  What could I be making now? 


Hmm....HUMMAS!   It worked!

 Thought I'd try my luck at Tzatziki sauce!

 PUUUUSHED my luck.

(And apparently, if you attempt to push the bits of cucumbers down into the still-moving blender, your spatula will be eaten ALIVE.  Note to self.)

Delicious!  Cucumber, Greek Yogurt, Mint. long as you really, REALLY heed the warning about drying out the cucumber. And the yogurt.  I now have a lovely Tzatziki SOUP - not exactly dippable, but definitely flavor-full!  Next time!

Oooh, you know it's going to be 
a good day when Brenda picks up a 

With a bottle of PURPLE!  JOY AHEAD!

 Looks like an angry little blob of dough
doesn't it?  Home-made play dough!

 DO NOT EAT.  Simply squish.

I had bought this for a DIFFERENT recipe,
but it made my play dough smell AWESOME!

Can't go wrong with Cream Cheese!
Recipe book from Mom, finally put to good use!

Oh, yeah.  

 Isn't this gorgeous!?  And it's edible!  HA!

 Seriously, look at that?!  ART, I tell ya.

 When will I remember to remove my jewelry 
 beginning another cooking project?!  

Oh yeah, probably NEVER.  

 Hey!  Powdered Sugar makes an AMAZING mess.
Bet you knew that.

It also makes some amazing MINTS.  

They are in my freezer, and are like little purple drops of JOY, melting in your mouth!  SCORE!  Next time, I"ll have to take more care in shaping them - these are scary little blobs, too.  But SO WORTH IT!

"Sure looks good to me!"

Monday, July 1, 2013

Pork and Dough

+  Do you see what I see?  Welcome, July!  +

 There's the birthday girl!


 Little Bean had to get in on the action.

Apparently, so did her Barbie.  Eek.

 WHAT is going on!?

 Yeah for FaceTime!

 Giggling Girls!

Question:  How do you trip up an insomniac 
who occasionally sleepwalks in her 
half-sleep/half-awake state?

Answer:  Cheap Door Knob covers that will
 hopefully confuse me to the point of waking up. 
 While still INSIDE my home.

Now, I'm not TERRIBLY competitive, but I am a bit disturbed at my ranking.
9, 812, 454 people are ahead of me in the Blogosphere!?
Game ON.


 Thumper, my shadow.  Hop along little friend.

So, after yesterday's RIDICULOUS cookie fail.... 

 ...I'm relieved to report Operation Pork Loin was a success.

 JUST don't forget to remove the tips of your meat thermometer before you stick them into your hot meat.  They are NOT edible.  Just saying.

And I couldn't give up on the cookies, either.
Project Oatmeal was a success, too!  WHEW!

Welcome, July 2013!

Tooth Extractions and Substitutions

My friends ROCK!  Here's some of my favorite, organic California Rice (the only rice I'm picky about) and an AWESOME cooking book from Sarah!  Chef Brenda!  HA!  

See.  THAT is some great rice.  
(From Massa Farms, the one we visited in January 2013.)

Back to my strangely, odd Google creepers.
Tooth extraction?  Sheboygan I get, but tooth extraction?!

Chicago Mission Trip, continued.  
Anja and her little playground buddy!

Serious game time. 
Both Anja and RA look terribly engrossed in this game!

T o o    s w e e t !

Hula Hoops are all the rage this year!

So many captions, so little time.  Wow.

My PE colleague, Christi, sent me this.   Musical love!

Doot do do do do.

Computers are amusing.  
They REALLY mean business when you want to clear your history.

Then, computers can be stinking annoying.  SIRI.

"Call Nicola".  That's all I said.
I've said it a million times.  
It's worked a million times.
Yet this time, Siri thinks I'm trying to channel a new, Irish friend. 

No, you idiot.  Call my friend NICOLA!

And speaking of people (computers?!) that are frustrating, Stac had some pretty amusing people on her flight back to CO this past week.  Always ready to support a pal with a laugh,  Mr. Egg represented the schmuck who wouldn't zip it.

What did we do before Text Pictures!?!?

Ok, this lady CLEARLY knows how to take amazing photographs.  Check out Christina Callanan Photography HERE - that's my friend Ashley's little girls, Allikaye (who will be in FIRST GRADE!) and her little sister, Cambria.  I met AK at birth, so to se her so grown up AND with a mini-me is beautiful!  God is good!

Some bunny keeps following us...

Incredible, Friday night lights.

The storm is coming!


Helping make her birthday cake!

What the what!?  Shark teeth, of course!
!!    Duh, da.  Duh, da.   !!

Some cupcakes at Brenda's home.

It took me AN ENTIRE YEAR to figure out that the makers of ukuleles put little dots NEXT to the frets.  I've always seen the ones ON the fretboard, but JUST NOW noticed the dots on the side.  

Hello, Sunday.

Farewell and Godspeed to Joni, our Family and Faith Formation Minister. 
Very bittersweet time.  :-/

Wrapped in love.

Turns out that mixmaster can finally come in handy!


I don't care hold old you are, 
this is still the best part.

Well, this ain't bad, either!

"Siri, what is a substitute for shortening?"

BUTTER is not the same as MARGARINE 
which is not the same as SHORTENING.

Good night, Sunday.