Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wall of Water

You know, once I get an idea in my doesn't leave my head until it has come to fruition!

Maybe I miss water...
Maybe I had enough burgundy in my home...
Maybe I needed to do something crafty...

All I know is that 1 discount can of paint and 30 minutes later (yes, I'm a super fast painter), I have a wonderful new wall in my living room! LOVE IT!

Here's the before picture - a lovely burgundy wall!

No visits to Sky Ridge Medical Center this time!

Woohoo! The after pic!
LOVE it - the room is happier already!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Super Star!

I am a shopping Super Star today! just got back from a fantastic shopping trip to Kohl's. LOVE that store. Now, being dead broke and watching every penny, you would think that a shopping trip would not be in my current vocabulary. Au contraire! Here's how it all unfolded:

I've wanted new bedding for a while now.
Here is the OLD bedding. A lovely grayish
blue color that has served me well.

SO...I drove to my local Kohl's store. I found this wonderful parking spot, nice and close to the doors. Who knew they had such a wonderful parking spot waiting for me?! Super Star! (Can you tell I have a problem with stores that put their employee's needs in front of their customer's? I digress...)

I found this Cranberry ensemble!
It's such a deep, rich color!

...AND these awesome new luggage tags
(do these not scream Brenda or WHAT!?)

...AND this new aluminum water bottle! WOOHOO!

Here's the best part:
Bedding was originally $99.99 - I paid $24.99
Luggage Tages were $4.49 - I paid $4.49
Water bottle was $14.99 - I paid $6.74

Using my $10 reward coupon AND the $25 gift card I received from the Williams Family, I paid a total of $3.19 for my entire loot! I saved $93.75! SUPER STAR!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SonRock Kids Camp

Vacation Bible School is in full swing at Bethany Lutheran Church this week, and I must say, they've gone all out! Rit Vogel is in charge of Christian Education at Bethany, and she has done a dynamic job of bringing the theme, SonRock Kids Camp, to life! Here are just a few of the projects she coordinated!

Love the 'fire' with real sticks!

HUGE canoe used to collect food for Metro Care Ring!

Just one of the amazing murals, welcoming the campers!

The water pond with rocks, moss, and a MOOSE!

UnBEARably cute!

Yet another fabulous mural!

Check out the tree and bridge! You should have seen us hanging the branches of that tree...anyone who knows me knows I should NEVER been allowed on that super-tall ladder...!

Here's my Music Cave, where all the kids come and learn the VBS songs! Great songs, great kids!

Back in Blogland

It's always good to know there are people out there that notice when you disappear. I've received more e-mails and voice messages over the last couple of days than in a long while, wondering if I've abandoned my blog. Heavens no! Life simply grabbed me away from my Blogland. I'm back, peeps, and thanks for checking in! Picking up where I left off..

Mom and Dad at a wedding reception - love the color!

Father's Day - flexible Care band that stores medical information - something he can wear on motorcycle trips that carries all of his important information.

Creepy tornado that was WAY too close to our elementary school! We actually had to tuck and duck at school - poor little kiddos! Destroyed some barns in a nearby town.

There is something just WRONG about having an elementary school playground in the forefront of this photo. Our PE teacher took this picture at school! Eek!

Poor horses - just standing there!
Photo by: Jo Michele Sheridan

Belleview Promenade - Home to Cool River Cafe, a most
delicious dining experience! Thanks again Joe and Nicole!

Video posted on Facebook this week of Cabaret 1999, back during my undergraduate days at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. Here's Toby and I - he's 6 foot 4 inches tall, and I can't believe I ever had that much hair!

Speaking of hair - what a DOLL! Here is Caroline, the daughter of my good Regis pal, Erin. She's 9 months now, and her dad is an amazing photographer. Here is his website!

Such a happy little girl!

Caroline's first trip to the zoo - what a face!

Beauty and the Beast - the storm approaches!

This is Adam Pascal, one of the original cast members of RENT. We were dining at a local deli, and spotted him on his way to the show! Too cool!

I realize this is an odd picture - it's the flower sign-up board I worked on at Bethany Church. I promised Mom I'd post it so she could see what I worked on while volunteering in the office. It's the little things...

...and the little people! Here's Baby Hank!

A gorgeous shot of the Regis Chapel at night!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

And the Tony Award goes to...

...the wonderful Angela Lansbury!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Carabiners, Coupons, and Complete Calamity

Today was a beautiful day in Colorado - sunny and blue skies! About time, as most of the past week was wet, wet, wet! I spent the morning volunteering at my church office, making lots of carabiners for Vacation Bible School - I think I assembled close to 200 of them! OY!

Each card is a VBS lesson - "SonRock Kids Camp"

This is just the box I brought home...
the other 2 million are back in the office at church!

Safeway (the grocery store here in Colorado) finally started carrying Diet Sunkist Lemonade, a soda for which I have the ultimate weakness. I called Mom to rejoice, only to find the $5.99 price tag to be just nuts. I sadly put the case of soda back on the shelf. THEN, I received a $5.99 check in the mail from Mom and Dad, along with the note above!

WOOHOO! I love my Sunkist!
Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Lesson for the week: when leaving your bedroom window open during hurricane-like wind storms, be sure to remove, store, and/or protect the strings for your window blinds. If not, the photo above will fully illustrate the preposterous predicament you will find yourself in. Awesome.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

10 of 10

What a fun night! Just completed concert number TEN of TEN this evening - the Spring Choir Concert. The theme of tonight's concert was TV Theme songs - too fun! Quick little tunes that the kids really loved. Here's what we performed:

1. The Bugs Bunny Show
2. Batman, Spiderman, Popeye, the Sailor Man, Spongebob

3. Bonanza, Happy Trails
4. Howdy Doody, Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, The Muppet Show
5. Law and Order, The Pink Panther, Mission Impossible, Secret Agent Man
6. I Dream of Jeannie, Green Acres
7. Addams Family, The Brady Bunch
8. The Carol Burnett Show

The Shields Family captured this picture - there were
NINETY-SIX members in the Spring Choir!
96 singing children! HOORAY!

Bonanza and Happy Trails - cowboy hats and all!

Check out this amazing cookie basket! A big thanks
to the Williams Family, who also helped coordinate
all the details of our before-concert meal! Wow!