Saturday, April 20, 2013

Siri-ously Absurd

How in the world can one actually blog about this past week!?

Bombs, explosions, fires, earthquakes - scary stuff.  And all swirling around us as we taught the kiddos, trying not to read the latest on CNN, yet wanting to know what was happening.  

Meanwhile, I'm busy singing about frogs and working on steady beat.  
It was really quite absurd.  

I was frustrated by the distractions and wanted to protect my children even more intensely from the harsh and upsetting parts of this world.
It's all just too disturbing at times.  

Thank goodness the children remind me of the good.  
The very, very good.

Is it any wonder why I have 15 jackets AND sunscreen in the back of my car!?

Stacie's birthday was this month - cupcakes for our disciple group!
Note:  ziplock bags make for easy frosting dispensing!

"Siri, how long does it take a cupcake to cool?"
I'm am working, you doof.

ALMOST as cool as a personalized bike license plate.

What is WITH this trend of paws in sweatshirts and hats!?
It's kind of creepy...

"Siri, do you have any family you want to tell me about?"
If only I felt the same way.

LOVE watching the colors and bubbles!
We thought they were too joyful to pass up!

Apparently, we're nose wrinklers.  :)

This is the good.  The very, very good.

The art show at the mall was WAY more amusing than expected!

Look who's up from her nap!  Those eyes!

The many moods of Emma.
(And accurately describes our week.)

"Siri, what's the meaning of life?"
I enjoy messing with her.

Emma wondered why Brad took a picture in front of a mirror!  She really thought he was looking at his own reflection!  Even if he was, he'd see STAFF SEARGEANT Bradley John looking back at him, thank you very much!  This is good - VERY good!  Congrats, little bro! 

1.  Dump Bananagram tiles on floor.
2.  Allow 3 and a half year old to find letters.
3.  Watch little one spell her own name.
4.  Be amazed.

"Siri, on what street is the nearest car wash?"
Tanzania!?  Seriously!? I don't mumble THAT badly.

That about says it all.
And what better way to say it than animal/letter crackers!?

The rear-view mirror was wonderful this week.

Party glasses make for some pretty amusing reflections.

Darn right, Siri.

Doesn't everybody wear pink cowboys boots, a tutu and pajamas to church?!
Get with it, people.

"BRENDA!  We can't leave yet!  We haven't said goodbye!"
Nevermind it's after 7pm and a blizzard outside. 
Yes, finish your goodbye notes, my dear.

Surprise Starbucks makes for a happy Brenda Lynn.
And cups with happy messages makes for a thankful and blessed Brenda.

My language?  More dimensions?  Show-off.

Raindrops. Sunshine. Prism. Awesome.

"WHAT are you playing with over there?"
Nothing, Ms. G.  I'll put my friends away.

SCORE!  One second grade class knows the way to my heart - we're getting ready for an upcoming assembly and they wanted to say thanks for some new lyrics to a song I wrote for them.  I'm so proud of their hard work and super excited for them to perform!! And who are we kidding...YEAH FOR PEEPS!

Whoa.  Lee Press-On nails never had Gummi Bears when I was little.

"Ms. G, you need one of my birthday pancakes!"
Why yes.  Yes, I do.
First time for everything.

Swedish Fish in jello with whipped cream, anyone?!
It rocks to be a Specials teacher.  
EVERY kid stops by with a bday treat.  :)

TOO cool.

TOO cute.

Yes, Siri.
Figure out how to make this next week more comforting.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Downright Snarky

 A lovely way to begin the 4th month of the year.
No fooling.
 So, SIRI and I not exactly getting along.  
She's rather opinionated, answers my questions with more questions
and always insists on staying on topic.  Whatever.

She's downright snarky, if you ask me!

Yes.  Yes I am, Siri.

Such humbleness.

"How are you feeling today, Siri?"

Inquired if she REALLY was a girl.

"How am I going to get through the day, Siri?"

Sunset in Cherry Hills.

Saved by grace, indeed.

 Emma's wondering where the "M"s are in her name sign!

Who's in there?


I know, little one.  IKEA is exhausting on a Saturday.
The crazy people with their full carts can really take it out of a person.

Do they come with the chair?  I'll take two.

M and a little one who clearly wanted to play Peek-A-Boo, too!

 One forgets that a 3 and a half year old will mimic
EVERYTHING you do, including holding objects out the window.
Brilliant, Brenda.  Brilliant.  

Tuckered out after all those daredevil, window tricks!

No more inside time!

Nothing like the hand of a sister.

Look who's back from Sabbatical!

This week's Bible Study video featured a guy that was
a cross between Frodo and Ross PerotAwesome.

Welcome to Life in Colorado.
Where you get to see 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 in one week.
(It was 25 last night, it was 16 this afternoon, and it's 8 right now.)
So there's another 30 degrees worth of insanity.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Well, hello random person from Andalucia.
Thanks for giving this blog its 30,000th view!

 Sandals yesterday, fire tonight.
It's a topsy-turvy place, this Colorado.
No fooling.