Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stride Trainer 300

That's right, I am now the proud owner of a Gold's Gym Stride Trainer 300. Grandma Dot gave me some $$ for graduation, and this is how I wanted to make it sustainable! I swear, once I get an idea in my head, it's only a matter of hours until I figure how how to bring it to life! shopped around for a day, narrowed down the list of things I want, and bought myself an Elliptical. I don't like to run (even though I really REALLY tried last year to be a 'runner'), so a treadmill wasn't very helpful. I'm sure nobody is surprised that I like to MOVE, SWING - be ACTIVE when working out. The elliptical has met the test of time (Brenda time - I bore easily), and is now a part of my home!

Unfortunately, the poor guys that lugged it into the trunk of my car chose not to come home with me (slackers), so I unpacked the huge and heavy box, sitting inside my car! Took all the garbage to the dumpster, and piled all the smaller parts into a laundry basket to lug up the 3 flights of stairs. The heaviest part had to wait until I grabbed a neighbor (former student), who owed me for being so dang loud in the hallways the night before. :)

In a mere 160 minutes, I tightened, pounded, and twisted that baby together, and it now happily sits in my living room. Correction - it IS my living room... Okay, it's not THAT big, but it certainly takes up a bit'o'room. Happy Brenda, though - no more beating the other renters to the apartment gym, and no more monthly fees. Now, I can happily jump on my new friend during commercials (that sounds much worse than intended), and swing away the calories.

Speaking of...gotta go swing!

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Heather said...

That comment about the commercials made me laugh. Do you like dancing? You should check if there are any Nia classes near you. There are a lot of great teachers in CO so there probably are some. It's a great fitness program that incorporates dance, martial arts, yoga, alexander technic,'s amazing! And yes, I happen to teach it. Or did before we moved. It's so fun and definitely something different. It's fast paced but done in bare feet. I think I have a link to the main website on my blog. It's