Monday, December 8, 2008


You know how you start by clicking on ONE website, and an hour later, you find yourself on a completely different topic, not really able to trace your path!? Well, welcome to geoGreeting: you can type in a sentence, and each letter is a building somewhere in the world, viewed from above using Google Maps. Is that not awesome?! A geography lesson built right in! Here's where my letters can be found throughout the world:

B - Maspalomas, Canary Islands
R - Gary, IN
E - Chicago, IL
N - Tucson, AZ
D - Moscow, Russia (lake)
A - Bangkok, Thailand


Anonymous said...

I am SO going to play on this now! Thanks for sharing!

The Yeadons said...

That is so fun! Now I am going to most likely go spend WAY TOO MUCH time on that website!:)