Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mission (Bay): Impossible

I just returned from four, INTENSE days of Kagan Cooperative Learning Boot Camp in San Diego, California: Ann, Angela, Karen, and I were selected to be part-time trainers for Kagan, which means we get a higher level of training, their up-to-the-minute PowerPoints to train with, and we'll work for them a minimum of 10 days a year. Woohoo!

Hyatt Mission Bay - the view from our hotel room!
On the moving walkway at the San Diego Zoo!
This was before the really hard work began...
This family of gorillas was amazing - so interactive!
I have an official headshot - ha! Cheese!
The hard working bunch: Jackie (floral jacket), Ann,
Angela, Brenda, Karen, Monique, Laurie Kagan
Ann and I celebrating my 30th birthday
at a restaurant right next to the ocean! We made it!

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