Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick Quips

"I know I'm a little hard on you,
but it's because I care."

Second grader to her classmate, after telling
him he's playing the xylophone all wrong

"Where's the duck?
I need to know where to put the duck!"

First grader, trying to figure out where to place the conductor in his orchestra picture

"Do you like my haircut? We cut off my hair very carefully, as I have a tender head."
Fourth grader sporting a new do

"Mommy's got her list. That way, she won't forget to bring back Daddy's liquor to Colorado."
First grader telling of his Mom's recent vacation

"Can't talk now, I'm in the zone."
Typing third grader

"Are we allowed to take flash photography during the program?"
Inquiring second grader

4th grader: "Ms. G, this is the first time we've seen you without your bottoms."

Me: "Excuse me?!"

4th grader: "Your earrings - you're not wearing your bottom earrings today!"


Chance said...

I love kids!

Allikaye's Mama said...

hehehe! I just posted Allikayes little quips! Love that you do this!