Monday, January 31, 2011

Bang Head Here

I think the kids are picking up on
my ever-rising stress level

Ms. G, do you have any fresh wounds?
Uh, no dear. Why do you ask?
Because I have a supply of band-aids if you need anything.
Thanks, bud.

Mother of pearl, the guitar is twice the size of
the kid, and her legs don't even reach the floor!

What's that you're reading? Oh, PROVERBS!
Don't mind seeing this on the playground at all!

Ms. G, Ms. G! Check out the refraction on the wall.
Refraction? Do you mean reflection?
No way, Ms. G. That's not a mirror,
that's a solid wall. Can't you see that?!

Sorry, kiddo. I'll look more closely next time.

Right on, little one.

A kindergarten kiddo wants to be a missionary.
This is AWESOME.

I love that kids still dream about being farmers.
Who dreams about growing corn fields!?
This is just beautiful!

Everyone will have pees.
Pees on earth. :)

To be happy, to get along... and fruit.

And finally... to read, to write, to SPEL. HA!

This wickedly cool keyboard is really this flat! And works!
It rolls right up, and turns on with a switch. Sweet!

These CREEPY digestive systems are all over the school.
I'd like to know what caused this one's indigestion...

All-you-can-eat Pancake Breakfast fundraiser at Applebee's.
6:30 am on a Saturday morning. Oy.
I think I learned the most from the cook who constantly made pancakes: stay calm, when things get dark just flip them over, and you can only make one set of pancakes at a time, so don't get your syrup in a boil.

We're a pretty colorful bunch, oh tie-dyed staff members.

My kids rock.
Pancakes with personalities as amusing as they are!

And for this week's karma lesson: the humungo snowplow/sand truck just HAD to pass me this morning. Go for it buddy, I'm not wrecking my car. He starts dropping sand in the street, so I hang back. He guns it through the school neighborhood...only to LOSE IT on the curve, jumps the sidewalk, and completely takes out the fence! I had all I could do not to wave when calmly passing him. Have a good day, sand man. :)

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