Saturday, September 17, 2011

92 Voices and Splashing with Joy!

Ask me how much I love my afterschool duty. Dare ya.
The kids just walked by and quacked.

The fact that there was a clown at school scares me
almost as much as knowing there was a sn*ke at school.

Me: Wow...why are his hands so big?
"Because they are JAZZ hands, Ms. G!"
But of course.

This absolutely breaks my heart.
From a child who couldn't cover the increased Choir fees.
(don't get me started...not my idea)

And this absolutely warms my heart.
From a family, wanting to provide for those who couldn't pay.

Know what else warms my heart?
The fact that 92 children NINETY TWO children showed up
to sing their little hearts out on Friday morning, our first rehearsal.

92 little people reminded me that you can put a price on a club,
but you can't put a price on joyful children who gather together to sing!

Saturday with the Abbeycakes. Love.

American Girl store at the mall. Creeeeeeeepy.

The fountains at SouthGlenn! Woohoo! It's September 17th
and we're playing (dare I say frolicking) in the water!

(Why do I always take pics of this kiddo yelling from the back seat?!)

Oh, IKEA, you really blew it. I was actually willing to step foot in your store (with Abbey as backup, of course), and you CLOSE your doors because of a water main break. You may have lost your only chance for me to visit...

...and Pike's Peak has snow.
Barefoot and snow-capped, all in one day.
Only in Colorado!

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