Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Not...Minot - Tuesday

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And this is why hanging out with Bill and Dar(lene) was so much fun. When you're around friends filled with laughter, hope and smiles, you can do anything. Our Catholic buddies who helped us remember that faith and friends make even the grossest jobs do-able.

I was introduced to something called the Wonder Bar, a nifty little tool that lets you pull out nails and screws with ease. Well....ease and a little bit of muscle. Bring it on.

A tiny little shed down the block. If little white deck chairs are going to bring you the hope you need to get through something like this, then more power to you. Prayers for the simple things.

We all said we wouldn't speak of the EVIL MESH again....but alas, here it is. This stuff is the most difficult thing to remove from a home and takes a ton of sweat and strength to remove. Piece by piece by stinking sharp piece.

Hacking away on the blasted mesh.

Mmm...lunch. Thank you, once again, nice
lunch ladies for providing our mid-day nourishment.

More garbage in trees.

Destruction right down the block.

Darryl joined the team - he tackled
the huge living room ceiling project.

The discard pile grows.

I. hate. drywall. And the nails found in it.




After our work, a shower, and our evening meal, Sarah and I headed to the Scandinavian Heritage Association, a huge park with unique statues and crazy little carver houses.

Crazy connection to this guy - he actually built the fireplace at Don's house!

I have no idea why this huge, red horse was in the park.
I'm clearly not Scandinavian!

"High on hill was a lonely goatherd..."
(Or a house in the middle of Minot)

Hans Christian Andersen
(Although, I think he looks like Ichabod Crane.)

Ceiling at the Minot Public Library - Sarah needed to check her e-mail. I happily unplugged from (most) technology for the entire week. Thinking of going non-technology every other week...

Reminders of home - spotted on our way back to Glenburn!
We keep seeing names from Bethany - Ruth Ann!

And then our church organist's name, Rick Seaton and family,
in the middle of town. Fun!

We were able to meet Don today, the owner of the house just off of the Souris River. Trust me, EVERYTHING stops when the owner of the home steps foot onto the floorboards you've just been clearing. He was a lovely man in his 70s, and spoke with simple calmness about what happened with the Dam up in Canada. Not blaming, just factual. Not bitter, just resolved.

He's living with his daughter in town and had been able to save most things from his home, including a Grand Piano which sat in the room just off of the kitchen! I KNEW this was a musical family. Correction: IS a musical family. He said he's more of a singer, and his wife was the true musician of the family. I can rest better knowing a Grand Piano is safe tonight, and that someday it might bright musical joy back into the walls of this water-soaked frame.


Be sure to click on "Older Posts" at the very bottom of this webpage or on the Minot posts along the left side of the blog to read the entire story!

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