Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sooper Saturday - BTB 2012

What a SOOPER Saturday today was!  Our annual Be the Blessing weekend kicked off with six food collection drives at various King Soopers locations throughout Littleton/Denver, all gathering food items to be distributed and organized tomorrow.  (King Soopers:  that's a grocery store chain, for you non-Colorado less crazy of a name than our mid-western "Piggy Wiggly" chain, but I digress.)  Read about more projects for BTB 2012 HERE.

Bethany members handed out simple Wish Lists to incoming customers, who were invited to purchase an additional item or two for the food drive.  Carts were filled as customers exited and that food will be on its way to families tomorrow!  SO MANY BLESSINGS!

 Never too young to start a little faith formation!  
Sydney was a trooper in the early morning sun.

Where with care?  There With Care! A beautiful organization 
that helps support families and children with critical illnesses.
Check them out:  There With Care

You MUST(ard) check out these hot dogs!
A bunch of crazy condiments, I tell ya!

Be sure to KETCHUP on the latest news from Inter-Faith Community Services.  (I'm done with the puns now, although I certainly could have included just one more about the changing BUNS, but I shall refrain.)  

What are these folks about?   Inter-Faith Community Services provides basic human services and enrichment programs to low-income people using community resources.  More HERE

Who needs to see out the rear-view mirror anyways!?
Rockin' Christian Boys forming faith!

It's a Benson Bonanza with Sawyer (our ketchup man), Melissa (trying 
to escape the photo) and Jessica (don't think I missed the bunny ears).
Stacie and I were happy to join in the cheer!

Talk about an Oss-some bunch of Fruit Loops!

SO many people shared comments about how at one time THEY had been clients of these organizations themselves, and how good it felt to be able to give back and pay it forward.  Humbling for us all. 
We are just (toilet paper) rolling in the blessings!
People were bringing BAG after BAG of food items!
One guy handed me a $20 in the parking lot
and said to go buy some beans! HA!

Simple lists like this would help people figure out what to purchase.

 Lots of blessings swimming to a King Soopers near you!

Calling all green shirts to service!

 We had lots of price-shopping and extreme couponing at the King Soopers on Littleton Blvd to help support Denver Urban Ministries (DenUM), whose mission is to:  “inspire hope as an advocate and trusted provider of needed services.”  

 What a blessing they are!  Read MORE. 

 We learned that blessings can come in the form 
of crushed pineapples (10 for $10).  Sweet! 

 Pennies for Penne - who knew you could buy so much pasta?

Greeting the folks at all entrances of the store.
Meet 'em where they're at, right?

 RTG buzzed by Site #6, just in time to...

 ...fill up the entire back of their car, too!

  Folks were busy being the blessing up at Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp.
An amazing outdoor ministry near Rocky Mountain National Park.
Building decks, removing trees - cleaning up the camp!

"I, the Lord of sea and sky..."  All six food collection sites finished up just before a typical (and rather violent) Colorado summer storm rolled in.  Aside from the pouring rain and hail (agh!), I see a big ole heart in the sky. Que perfecto.

A day BURSTING with blessings!
Excited to see what tomorrow holds!

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