Sunday, May 18, 2014

National Anthem - May 18

The Flagstone Choir sang the National Anthem at the Rockies Game today!!  A total of 101 singing Flagstonians (including their singing brothers and sisters) joined us on Coors Field today to sing the Star Spangled Banner in front of a rather packed crowd! 

I was SO PROUD of the way our kiddos handled themselves, both behind the scenes and on the field.  They were polite when they received their new t-shirts, they quickly made friends with the kids from Copper Mesa and they were respectful of every adult who asked them to do anything.  WOW! 

There are so many happy (and at times a bit petrified!) little faces in these pictures.  ENJOY!

Things are ALWAYS more fun when you have a friend 
(and administrator) by your side!  Jen Radford was awesome 
as a helper and a very proud mom!

Doot, do do...just holding up the tree.  
Patiently waiting to enter the Stadium.  

Decked out in Rockies gear!

Gathering at Gate A.  The most unmarked, stone-filled area 
we could possibly have found as our meeting area.  
The 80º temps really helped, too!  HA!

The kids were great as they patiently waited to officially check-in.

 We hold up the fences, too!

Such good sports!

 A whole bunch of smiles and some new Rockies shirts!

 Sporting that Tie-Dye Mustang pride!

Thumbs up!  Ready to sing!

 Headed into the tunnels.  
Let's gather 101 kids (+61 from Copper Mesa)
into a loud, cavernous hallway.  Genius.

 DINGER!  The kids were thrilled!

 Receiving those final instructions from the Rockies team.

 Such good listeners!  I was proud.

 Not sure what they've gotten themselves into...

Seriously.  They were so attentive!

"DON'T step on the white line."

"DON'T talk near the microphones."

 New, purple shirts on and ready to go.

"Enjoy yourselves and HAVE FUN!"

 Kristin Johns from Copper Mesa.  
An AMAZING colleague!  

Ms G's brother, Brad.  INCREDIBLY supportive and helpful!
I threw clipboards at him, I threw backpacks at him - 
and he handled it all calmly and with great humor!
AND, this Army Sergeant stood with great pride at attention
behind our kids while they sang.  SUPER awesome!

Happy picture time!


Look at those darlings!


Such an amazing, singing team!

Festive Fingernails

They were PUMPED!

Thumbs up and ready to SING!

Oh, I love these kids!

A room full of AWESOME!

Game on!

 Happy time!

Let's sing!

Ready to roll!

Here we are, walking into the actual stadium!

 The massive group of purple singers!

Dang, that's a big group!

 Getting into our rows.

 Last minute positioning.


Ever tried to get 162 singers (plus some awesome chaperones and brothers) to sing together on a field at the same time in?  With two conductors?  In front of a live audience?  With some wicked feedback from the sound system?! They got ahead of each other at one point...and then they settled in and finished strong.  WHEW!

Many thanks to ALL the Flagstone families that made today possible!  You helped your kids practice, you bought them tickets, you brought them to the Stadium via some CRAZY traffic, you waited in the heat for them to perform and you reunited with them again once we were done!  Whew!

And you cheered with SUCH enthusiasm!  Oh, did you cheer!  The kids commented on that as soon as we made it off the field into the tunnels.  "Did you hear that!?  They were cheering for us!"

THANK YOU for making my job as a music teacher one of the most joy-filled careers out there!  Working with you and your children is fulfilling and inspiring, whether it's in the classroom or out in the middle of a ball field.  Bless you all!

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Kat said...

Wow! Awesome job! You should be very proud. Well done!