Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Little Bit of Hope

Seminary - Week One

Visited a LOVELY Lutheran Church this morning:  Hope Lutheran Church in El Sobrante, CA.  They agreed to be the congregation I study during my Reading Congregations course this Fall at PLTS.

 It may FEEL like summer around here, 
but the leaves are indeed starting 
to change colors.  Just lovely!

 And a cross hiding amongst them!  Imagine that!

 A peek at the Music Corner, 
with one of the 2 window crosses.

 Six of these beauties were hanging from on high.

 Look at that Sanctuary!  Lovely!

 The fourteen Stations of the Cross adorned the side walls,
complete with devotions beneath.

 No bulletin for this crew - a binder that includes 
all the necessary paperwork for Worship.

The liturgy is printed on white cardstock,
and the colored sheets of paper display the music.
I'll be curious to see how they swap things out - thankfully,
their congregation is small enough to possibly do this.
We could never switch things out like this at BLC!

 Close-up of the altar area.

 Check out this font!
Always my favorite part of the worship space!

 The phrase "Tree of Life" has followed me all week.
No surprise that it would pop up again today.

 The teacher in me goes, YAY!  Children!
The critical thinking, questioning seminarian in me goes
Hmm...lots of Caucasians there....

 I'm all in favor of a small place to stop and pray.

 One of the other side window crosses.

This was sweet:  the whole congo gathered outside 
for a photo for God's Work, Our Hands Sunday,
an intentional day of service in the ELCA.

They did a great job collecting gently used books for
kids transitioning out of the foster care system.

 Wouldn't mind heading out THIS Exit door!  
Excited to return!

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