Thursday, March 16, 2017

Oliver & Company

This tiny bundle of happiness.  
This ten-toed darling, full of DELIGHT!

O l i v e r   J o s h u a,
my tiny Godson.

Our birthdays are exactly a half of a year apart...
Oliver, August 16, Brenda, February 16.

That grin.

 Obviously, he's a talented little piano player already,
just like his mama, Kathleen.

 Seriously.  He sat on my lap and had a BLAST!

Sitting up like a CHAMP.

 Great at celebrating birthdays already.

 Crazy, little duck-lips.

 When you can't really eat anything, you find a sweet treat that will work!
That makes TWO birthdays with candles in the ice cream!  :)  
(Josh and Kathleen were awesome!)

 HA!  The boy got to taste his first ice cream
at my birthday party!  Enjoy, little buddy!


 It does NOT get better than those little toes.

 Not too thrilled about all of these medical appointments,
but it DOES help to FaceTime with the cutie-pie.

 And DEFINITELY helps to have him come and visit
with his mama in the evenings.  

Oh, sweet Oliver.
Even you, dear Child of God, will return to dust someday.

 Post-nap snuggles are THE BEST.

If I make a popping sound with my mouth,
this little man will LOSE IT!  :)   

 Something about a baby in a hoodie.

Love that boy!

 HA!  Even Oliver has a copy of our Lenten Bulletin
(we lost years off of our lives completing that thing.)

Study break with the little football.

 I mean I knew they were big before, but WOW.

Quite possibly my (new) favorite pic of Oliver.

 Turns out, the boy loves "The Chicken Dance".
Honest to goodness, cracks up every time!

 7 months old today.  
LOVE that boy!

"I'll just quasi-sleep right here, if you could just go on 
holding the bottle I'm chewing on, that would be great.  Thanks."

"You talkin' to me!?"

 He always places his little palm near mine.  

 SOOOO sweet.

Kathleen came home and found us all tuckered out.  
Comfy and cozy, hearts full.  

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