Friday, July 10, 2009

I Should be Working...

Ever have so stinking much to do that you can't even get started? That would be me. That would be now. That would be why you are seeing pretty pictures instead of seeing me work. Brenda, Brenda!

I'm going to take this as God's way of letting me
know it will all be okay. Rainbows ROCK!
(Note the cute red car in the parking lot.)

Someday, I will own a house that does NOT have countertops anywhere near the height of my arms. Seriously! This is the second time in a month that my countertop has taken me down! OUCH!

This is one of the creepiest Castle Rock
sky pictures I've ever taken. Cool. Yet creepy.

And this is how the week ended. Another sight of
beauty that says, "Keep it all in persepective, Bren!"

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