Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rotten Tomato

Stupid rotten tomato. Seriously. I hate tomatoes. Even the FAKE ones. The real ones turn my body inside out, and the fake ones are just as much trouble.

All I wanted to do was cut the dang pin cushion in half. Silly me, I thought that was possible. I thought, perhaps, the pin cushion could be divided neatly into 2 equal halves, and then I could just use the portion I needed. I grabbed the nearest serrated knife, and started sawing, hoping for a nice clean slice.

WRONG. When you saw a pin cushion in half, its innards will explode all over your kitchen counter. Half sawdust, half kitty litter-like substance.

Disgusting AND disappointing!
On to Plan B...

1 comment:

The Quietts said...

And why are you trying to cut a pin cushion in half?