Saturday, July 2, 2011

Two by Two

TWO flowers: Middle of VBS week, a grandma asked me if I could help her little one with voice lessons for an upcoming audition. :) Sweet pea was a gem to work with, and brought me these flowers and cute card later in the week.

Align Center
TWO by's off to the ZOOOOOOOO!!!

Our Annual trip to the Denver Zoo was finally this week - we all got to know each other during our Masters Program at Regis, and the families have simply grown and grown and grown! We're up to six little people!

Corinna and her little man, Isaac (9 months)

What's cuter than TWO 2 year olds in hats!?

Me: PK, what color are the birds?
PK: Pink, like you!
(Yes, I was wearing a pink shirt. Yes, I survived.)

WOOHOO! TWO Giraffes!

The FIRST time, the adults outnumbered the kiddos.

That didn't last long.

Check out the July 2011 edition!
Totally outnumbered by the kids!

TWO circles of joy: the blessings continue!

Miss Emma turned TWO yesterday, July 1! TWO!

Um, not quite...

Really, now!? Little bean!

Poor Madeline - almost TWO months old and truly not enough blog coverage!


Little toes are the best!

She's just starting to smile! Beautiful!

Love that little Maddie! TWO (ha!) cute!

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