Saturday, June 25, 2011

We Need a Second Line - Day 1 of 4

R-O-A-D T-R-I-P!!!

Last minute summer adventure with my
friend, Nicola, and her three little people,
Trevor (9) - Abbey (7) - John (just about 2).

South Dakota, here we come!

Hooray for friends who have lived
in South Dakota and know the good spots!
Thanks, Ru, for all the hints! AND the drawn-to-scale map.
Napkin planning is the BEST!

HOORAY for the Dollar Store and happy bags that are
filled with joy so that long car rides can be made exciting. BOOYA!

I think the lei did this to Abbey.
That, or the fact that it's the color pink.
Just saying.

Sewing in the car, Abbey style.
I had my afghan to crochet (I know, you're jealous)
and Abs had her circle to complete.

Don't tell him it's supposed to be a wrist-band.

Our first bison! I mean, it was metal and all, but hey!
(And creepy sky. We chased, outran, and thankfully
avoided all major summer weather.)

WHAT is that on the front of their vehicle!?
Oh, dear. The peeps in Lusk are kinda scary.

Lunch in Lusk. The lady who processed our payment told us all about how they 'needed to get a second line because they hung up on someone the other day when they needed to process a credit card.'

Really? We're not really in THAT small-town America, are we?! Oy.
It would have been kind of charming.
Had the antlers not been attached to that car...

ALPACA. Life is good.

Booya! A new state for the Brenda.
(Technically, Wyoming was a new one, too!)

This was my sight when I peeked in between the seat and the headrest.

How cute CAN one little person be at 22 months!?
Yup. That cute.

Hill City, SD has some amusing pigs on it's main street...
Why? Not quite sure, but the kids loved them!

What you don't see pictured (whew!) are our nightly pool adventures! Abbey and Trev are Swim-MERS! Sheesh, those two are smart, fast, and really good in the water. Totally independent in a pool, aware of others, and fearless - in a good way!

I forgot how pools bring out kids' imagination and competitive spirit - in no time, we were setting (and breaking) pool records like how many times we can do underwater jumping jacks or how long we can hold our breath, etc.

There was enough chlorine in that pool to burn out one's corneas, and I'm rather surprised my hair isn't bright green, but it was an AWESOME way to end each evening!

I also forgot how exciting hotel rooms can be for kids.
Hair dryers in the walls ROCK!

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