Sunday, December 11, 2011

Go West!

 "Go West, Young Man! 
Go West, Young Woman!"

It's CHOIR time at Flagstone!  
101 singing little people.  UNBELIEVABLE!

THERE's the real gold - the fact that these kiddos get up before school 
and sing together each week!  With JOY!  
They are amazing and make my heart sing!!

At first, I thought my kids were writing to me in German.
"Does everyone body wear a cowboy costume?"   Yes, little one.

"How much are tickets?" NOTHING!  NADA!  FREE FREE FREE!

 There would NO decorations had my mother 
not sent some from Wisconsin.  Thank you, Mom!!

 There's GOLD in them thar hills!

 See the list of a bazillion people on the wall?
Note to self:  pick a musical with 4-5 parts...not 45!

 Proud of my little beaners:  they brought in 
canned beans(as the cowboys and cowgirls would have eaten) 
to benefit Metro CareRing!  Love it!

 He was READY for our concert....this was only the last rehearsal!

  These children are either (1) imitating their music teacher's next injury or (2) nailing the choreography to one of the Wagon Train songs.  

 Ok, so Chuck was just a bit ready to be the Wagon Master...

....REALLY ready!  Go, Chuck!

 WOOHOO!  During our evening concert!

 Yikes!  I look a bit fierce!  
"Passionate" as my friend Cathy says.  
Look out!

 How to Get Your Out of Town Friends to Your Evening Concert Map.

 The Bethany Gang!
Stacie, Ruth Ann, Brenda, Andrea, Sarah, and Bruce (Spronk)
Go West!

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