Sunday, December 11, 2011

Camp Dryer Sheet

Welcome to Camp Dryer Sheet!
Or...Crazy Ways to Injure Your Face, Part #1.

Most people celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering food
and people together in one place and giving thanks for all one's blessings.  

I remembered to do all that.  And added my own flair.  
Including a pinched nerve and an inflatable bed.  We begin...

Let me begin where it matters:  the kiddos.
Kids were totally on board collecting food 
and necessary items for Metro CareRing.

 "Fill to the brim our cup of blessings..."
as the liturgy goes. BOOYA!!

...and CRACK!  
One late load of laundry + one really tired teacher + one nearly invisible
dryer sheet on the tile floor = FACE PLANT into door frame of bathroom door.  
Mother of pearl, I think I shifted the frame.

I spend a night in agony, praying I hadn't fractured my face, 
keeping ice on my ever-growing nose.  OUCH.  

 Somewhere in all of this, I actually UNLOADED
  all those pounds of food with Sarah over at church. 

Total numbers put it just over 900lbs!  WOW!

I know, I know...sometimes I just don't think.

Full, great morning at church.  Couldn't hold up the hymnbook
or move my neck, but I was fine.  Right?!?  Wrong.
When the weeping wouldn't stop, I figured it   might be time to get this checked out.  Didn't break anything, although serious crushing and moving of neck bones and nerve pinching.  Oy.  Why does "long suffering" have to be the fruit that seems to appear most often!?

Welcome to Camp Dryer Sheet, the only place I could find rest and where I wasn't afraid to fall out of my bed onto the floor, far, far below. Thank goodness for friends who understood that I I felt much better closer to the ground!  (Thanks, Ruth Ann!)

My face might have been killing me, 
but that sunrise was AMAZING!


I know the tipped-over plant SAYS to smile...
 Yeah, not so much.

 I think I originally heated up this soup on a Thursday...

Week one of Advent. 

 Still on the floor.  Still swelling face.  Ouch.

 Cheer up, Brenda!  We're here to help you smile!
Emma, Madi and Nicole stopped on by the house.

 Yes, I realize it looks like I'm tossing Madi into the air,
FAT CHANCE.  Notice Camp Dryer Sheet is still going strong. 

Okay, spirits are a big higher.  
Thank goodness for friends who know children will do the trick!  
(Thanks, Nic!)
No, I'm not pulling my face in weird directions.
That IS my face.
Bruises and all.  Awesome.  Grrrr.

Hooray for care packages from good friends!  (Thanks, Spronks!)
Oh, SNAP!  The soup!  It's still in there, isn't it!?

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