Saturday, September 1, 2012

Siblings and Sunsets

Bradley John has arrived!  
No longer stationed at Fort Bragg, NC....but HERE at Fort Carson, CO!  
BOOYA!  Two Greenwalds in the state - oh boy!

After driving from North Carolina to Wisconsin to Colorado,
we all met up at Nicole's house, where 
Brad stored his motorcycle in their garage until 
we could figure out where to put it on base.

Emma didn't quite know what to make of the 
big motorcycle in the back of Brad's truck.  

Look who's following me!

Quick stop at Applebee's in Castle Rock....

...followed by a quick stop at Garden of the Gods.




Look, Brad... a chapel on base...Just sayin'.

There were TONS of parking lots for tanks....


If you look very closely, you can 
see the helicopter flying overhead.

We FINALLY found Brad's company area.
(after I made him pull over so we could ask for directions)

Go, Raiders!  (wait...we're Redwings...not Raiders!)

Yup.  More.

SUPER cool sky.

Brad was one happy camper.


I turned around for a moment, and Brad had scooted up this ginormous hill.
I scrambled after him...only to find us both huffing and puffing at the top!
Welcome to a much higher elevation, little bro!
(I had no excuse.)

Tough guy.

Captain Brad.

Supa Strong Sibs


Some of the M-RAVs Brad drove in Iraq.  Ugh.

Brad's first Colorado Sunset.  Welcome!

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