Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Try to Remember

Great fruits to remember.

Life is just peachy these days.

Outdoor Worship at Bethany with the Bro.

Whoa...Brad and Pastor Ron - that's a fun sight!


Do you see what I see?

From my camera phone, no less!

He was SOOOOO excited to show me the new violin
he was renting and the three notes he
had learned in private lessons!  SO PROUD!

And...we went back for Brad's motorcycle.  One happy boy.

Then, life took a sudden, tragic turn, and our childhood/family friend, Kim, passed away after a 'routine' gallbladder surgery.  Here she is pictured with her husband, Tim, at Vacation Bible School.  Mom was with the family when she died. 

Where Kim could be found - on the organ bench of my
childhood church, praising God through her love of music.
Hopped on a plane after school,
and flew to Wisconsin for the funeral.

A bit of prayer time in the air.

Gorgeous shots from the sky.
Preparing to land.

Hope Reformed Church - Sheboygan, WI

Still doesn't seem real that she's actually gone.

The Faith Center, where family and friends gathered to remember.

Ah, Jilda, the Pastor's Wife and source of joy.

Brenda and Dot, twice in a summer.
(we need to stop meeting up at funerals)

Painting hanging on the wall downstairs.

A room full of people celebrating Kim's life.

Jamie and I were finally able to sit
down together and chat at the luncheon.  
Tim and the Swarts, Dot and Marge.  Good, good people.

The Bible open to Psalm 84, the Psalm read to Kim as she died.
For the Director of Music:
"How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty!"
I had forgotten there was such beautiful glasswork at Hope.

Some lovely flowers from the funeral.

Ok, in my defense, I never said I could draw. 

I was trying to describe to my dad the ENORMOUS anteater/aardvark/armadillo CREATURE that had run through our backyard just moments before.  HUGE, waddling body, much bigger than a raccoon, with a snout.  I think I captured that pictures quite accurately, yes?

THEN, we went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate
Mom's birthday, and the creature is now DEAD and stuffed on the wall!
EEEK once again!

(We think it was actually an oppossum,
 but I still say armadillo.  A Wisconsin Armadillo)

Mom's New Vera Bradley Purse in honor of her 60th birthday.
(Although I think she should call it her BRENDA Bradley purse.)

How the blink did she sneak that into my luggage!?   
Some great words of support for an emotional weekend.

Back to reality with the simple joys of life.

Emma Bean and her FroYo.



The hundreds of debt retirement bricks have arrived at church, 
and are beginning to be placed in the outdoor courtyard.

Well said.

Another great leaf shot to start the day...

...and a beautiful way to end the day.

Little Bean has her work on the walls just outside my classroom at school.
My favorite part? The haphazardly place eyeball.  Good girl.

Introducing Ms. Peggy McCreary and Ms. Barbara Grenoble, the owners, teachers, instructors and heart behind the Grenoble Studio of Musical Arts in Englewood.  I'm enrolled in their "Sound, Silence and Pulse" course this Fall, and these two Orff experts are teaching me new and exciting things each time we meet.  My kids are thrilled to be on the receiving end of this new knowledge!

DELICIOUS birthday treat from a kiddo.


TOTAL UPS FAIL.  Seriously!?

My girls were so excited to show me their number cookies, because they know MY mom makes me the same kind of cookies for my birthday.  Yum.

We were fortunate to host the Installation Service of the new Bishop of the Rocky Mountain Synod of the ELCA at Bethany on September 23, 2012.  Rev. Jim Gonia took office in August, but his amazing ceremony wasn't until September 23.  What a glorious day!

The flowers arrived...

...the banners were hung.

Tents were erected on the courtyard...

...the clergy gathered.  (Including ELCA Bishop Mark S. Hanson,
 leaning again the window wall.)

Over 180 rostered leaders took part in the amazing 2 and a half hour service.
(Ruth Ann is in the second row, third one in.)
I'm in the back.  The waaaaaaay back.

I don't like afternoon thunderstorms.

I REALLY don't like afternoon thunderstorms.
Especially at dismissal time.  GRRRRR.

Note to self:  do NOT assume that all things stuck on top of a chocolate cupcake are edible.  Case in point:  that lovely, heart-shaped object.  While it may appear strawberry in nature, it is indeed AN ERASER.  Ugh.  Don't eat erasers.

A thank you gift from a colleague.  Mmmm.

They said L-ICE.  Eeew.

And two little innocents, growing up before our eyes.

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