Monday, October 15, 2012

Affirming and Squirming

"Oh, what a beautiful morning..."
Sunshine at Bethany Lutheran Church.

 Sing it.

October 14:  Affirmation of Baptism Day
The day where our Confirmands make public profession of their faith.

Per tradition, the bagpiper prepares to lead "Highland Cathedral"
 (doesn't he look like he's about to launch an attack on the Confirmands?!)

 The entry of the Cross.  And the kilted man.

 They look so official, those high school freshmen!

 An amusing, endearing and relevant 
sermon by the RTG and guitarist Scott Nixon. 

Click below to hear two great  sermons from this day:  
Pastor Ron's: "Remember"
Pastor Ruth Ann's:  "Losing Life, Finding Life"

 They gather to be blessed.

 Families, friends, mentors and guides gather around the Confirmands.
It takes a village, people.

Too cool - this brick came true on Sunday!

 What a unique way to celebrate - Confirmed Chocolate.

 THEN, lunch with the Oss Family at PF Changs.
This would be Olivia, the Walrus.

My mentee, Anja!  What a lovely, young woman!

James, James, James.  (and dad, Eric)

My three, Oss-some buddies!


 Another source of joy?  A sleeping baby.

Sweet, squirming baby toes.

  Silly girl!


 Oh, Aunt Brenda, tell me another joke!

You have GOT to be kidding me!?

Quite possibly the sweetest face in town.  
Such light and joy in those eyes!
 More light.

 More joy.

 And one, happy Madeline.

"Let your light so shine before others that 
they may see.....YOUR BURNING WORKBOOK!"

While we light the candle to remind us of the Holy Spirit's presence, we don't need to actually bring tongues of flame into the room!  Thankfully, Stacie was right on top of it when Deb passed her workbook over the flame!  (Note the burn marks on the cover.)  WHEW!

get out. get lost. get found.

peace out

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