Friday, October 12, 2012

Planters and Pumpkins (and way too much PINK)

Hello, Fall. 
October in Colorado is always lovely.

Goodbye, Fish.  
(I know, I know)

"On the count of three, turn your marker boards around, 
and show me the rhythm pattern I just clapped.  1, 2, 3....LOVE!"
Good answer, kiddo.

Won a gift package from Walmart, and included inside the bag of goodies was a grow-your-own something kind of bucket.  Dirt discs + seeds + water = we'll wait and see!


My little pumpkin and her morning bread.

I found my brick!

"Ms. G!  Ms. G!  We want to show you something...."

Much better. Carrotcake cupcake.  Yum.

Kids began handing in their choir money this week.
This was written on the envelope.
Silly, Super Dave, thinking HE's the coolest person in the world...

Thanks for the happy new decorations, Mummy.

Yes, that would be snow.  For the love of pete...

This little guy has set-up camp outside my window.  
We play a lovely game of "SHOO!  But Don't Fall Off the Roof" each day. 

Hello, Cleo!  Welcome!

October 7 - Walk for the Cure Day.
I promised the Miller Boys at church I'd color 
my hair in support of their Mom's courage and survival.  
Game on.

Yeah.  More pink than you'll ever see me in for a long time.

Even the sky wanted in on the color fun.

Blessing of the Animals - a cat in a stroller.  Hmm.

Cleo, meet CHEWBACA, the world's biggest dog.

Ta-da! We survived the car ride!

Was there any doubt?

"God bless this fish...

...and the joy it brings Brenda.  Amen."

YO.  Pink.

YO.  Punk.


Look who's growing!  Yeah!

"149 CDs to burn, 149 CDs...." 
We're doing a musical this year:  JOUST, A Mighty Medieval Musical!
The kids can sing, design and/or act this year, 
and they are super excited!  Enrollment at 149 already!  HA!

And, in honor of the MacLean's last year at Flagstone,
the Choir Fee in Amazing Dollar Payment strikes again.



Holy Moly!  This planter thing is really working!



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Allikaye's Mama said...

This post was all Brenda...I loved it! Your joyfulness and love shines through, Bren! Muah!