Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lessons Learned: December 2012 Edition

December was a rather educational month.

Take a look at all the Lessons I Learned....

Lesson Learned:  Sometimes the sky actually says HI!

LL:  What seems like a pretty pumpkin to me 
is actually LUNCH for neighborhood squirrels.

  LL:  Brenda Lynn is an IDIOT when it comes to sleeping medication.

Secondary Lesson Learned:  Keep all shaving equipment out of reach from those who sleep walk (and apparently Sleep Eyebrow Shave). 

Can't make this stuff up, folks.

LL:  You cannot properly winterize one's motorcycle
without following ALL 15 steps. 
(Sorry, Dad - Brad and I had to post this one!)

LL:  An Advent Wreath can come in all shapes and sizes...

....and still serve in meaning and importance.

 LL:  Sarah takes some pretty awesome photos in the early morning hours...

 ...and has a great eye for color!

 LL:  People who still send out Christmas cards with their 
updated family story and happy photos seriously make my DAY!

 LL:  Fireplaces are wonderful creations (as long as the aforementioned sleepwalker remembers not touch the metal parts once the fire has been lit.)

 LL:  Transport children to a medieval setting...

 ...and they will CHARGE forward into creating props!

 LL:  Caring (and creative) parents make all the difference!
Not to mention the cookies.

 LL:  Money Man is still alive and well!
Although missing his legs.
 LL:  Art teacher colleagues with artistic vision are invaluable...

 ...and help allow simple shapes take on a character of their own...

 ...and design amazing shields for Dashing Knights.

LL:  Hanging a black curtain in the middle of one's classroom for a cheap backdrop might SEEM like a brilliant idea (and actually work out quite nicely), but asking children to 'stay off' or 'not to touch' is simply ridiculous.  Oh, and hanging said black curtain by one's self is yet another NON-brilliant idea, as it's a long way down when standing on top of the piano

 Lesson Learned:  Singing with 150+ elementary school children on the evening of a national tragedy will move and break your heart beyond what you could ever imagine possible.  God bless each and every person that gathered together that evening to celebrate the song within us all.

 LL:  Ask kids to volunteer for parts in a mini-musical, and they will far surpass any expectations you could have set.  A-MAZ-ING what little people have in them.

LL:  Apparently, I can ROAR.  

 LL:  Not only can I ROAR, but I must have fishing abilities, too.
  "It was THIS big..."

LL:  Getting 10 people to all smile on cue is challenging.

LL:  Finding friends to cheer and support you in the middle 
of a crazy-busy Christmas season is HEART-WARMING!

LL:  Cheerful administrators who stay until after 7pm 
on an emotional Friday evening are the BEST!

LL:  Spronk should know better than 
to sit by the giant, golden buttocks.  Enough said.

 LL:  People are HUNGRY after a concert!

LL:  Having your church website HACKED by stupid, pharmaceutical
 companies in Canada STINKS and re-building a website is P.A.I.N.F.U.L!

LL:  People really did have hair like this in our church Bible Study Videos. 
And asking any one of us to behave and be quiet when
this kind of stuff pops up on the screen is JUST as absurd

LL:  Peter Mayer still rocks.  

 LL:  Spending time with piano man Chris Walters
(Barbara Mandrell,  Alabama) was humbling and inspiring! 
I didn't even know half of those chords existed!

LL:  I miss performing and need to pay attention to that vibe.

 LL:  Turn your back on Shane for ONE moment, and he'll find a way to make you laugh (even hours later when you've found his message on EVERY white board in your classroom).

 LL:  The little bean  (2nd from right) is old enough 
to come sing Christmas songs in my classroom!

 LL:  Only preschoolers can work the Pajamas and Boots look.  
Trust me.

LL:  Sometimes the Holy Spirit comes flying into your living room...

....and reminds you that there is JOY in every day.

LL:  Trying to visually explain the Nativity to a 3 year old
may result in an apparently still-pregnant-with-triplets Mary 
and two-headed AngelsRegardless, we love you, Baby Jesus!

 LL:  We can sort out the details as she gets older.  

 LL:  JOY is infectious, as seen here...

 ...and here.

 Definitely here...

 and here.

 LL:  Interrupting a 3 year old when she's reading The Christmas Story will result in her TOTAL frustration, having to start the story once again back at the beginning with the Angel Gabriel, and an additional 10 minutes in one's car seat. 

Lesson Learned:  
Sometimes the light of Christmas just needs to linger. 

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