Monday, March 25, 2013

Strumming through the Seasons

Let's just all pretend that I haven't 
skipped blogging in the last 5 months 
and just pick up where we left off, shall we? 

 Ready, GO.

Happy Brenda and her new Ukulele!  
(Well, new is a relative term, considering how 
late I am in publishing these photos, but I digress.)
Still Happy Brenda and her Ukulele!

 Abbey and John AND the new setting on my camera 
that lets us take 2 photos and then combine them.  LOVE IT!

The Thinker. Times two.

 Really now, how cute are they!?

 Fall.  Flowers.  Joy.

 Must eat apple with raised pinky.  Tastes better.

 ALLIKAYE!  I babysat this little one when she was born 
and now she's in my CLASSROOM!

 Peace Out and Love makes a stop at my place
 before flying to her next home.  (Story HERE.)

One of the ONLY good things about teaching on Halloween.
BOO Machine Juice from friends. 

Ok, and cool Rice Krispie Pumpkin Treats.  That's good, too.
Other than that, I'd rather have a root canal 
than try to 'teach' on or after Halloween.

 Little Bean! Such joy!

 Singing Beans!

Such musical munchkins!
(We won't mention the fact that the makers of the xylophone completely assembled it incorrectly, with the lowest note being the smallest tone bar, which is WRONG, but that would detract from the colorful cuteness, so I won't mention that.)

Ok, another cool treat.  Creepy, but cool.  

 That squirrel on my roof was making a LOT of noise...WHOA!

 Sweet Pea Christopher!  
Our Intern's son, watching the action at church.

 "Yes, Jesus loves me..."

 Get a load of THIS turkey...  :)  
JUST kidding, Russ.  You're a good sport.

Um...the turkey snuck into worship.  
And multiplied.  What the what!?  

Kicking off 12.12.12, our Hunger Relief Campaign,
 during Thanksgiving Worship.

Beautiful, bountiful.

Just some Oss-Some kiddos!

Bradley John drove up from the Springs.
Just in time to convince him to run the PowerPoint 
while I yapped AND he helped serve Communion Rock on, Bro!

Brad was quick to point out the Tremendous Twelve deal.
SOMEONE was listening to the 12.12.12 sermon!  

Ma, Pa and Dot were coming to Colorado 
one month from that evening!  Booya!

 Seriously, it took him 20 minutes to suit up to drive home.  He was covered in head to toe protective gear, which was good, but it took him forever (in freezing temps) to plug-in his jacket (and his pants, I think) and his helmet so he'd be warm enough AND have his music to listen to.  Dude.
Thanksgiving itself was a beautiful, memorable day.
And who wouldn't love a macaroni necklace 
of pilgrims and turkeys and cornucopias from a school kiddo.

(Note:  Randomly found this picture on Facebook.  I would be the one in purple, making the face of pain.  AND, might I add, I'm only putting ON my harness at this point.  Lest we forget the traumatic high ropes experience, click HERE to re-live the saga.)

That would be beautiful Colorado.  God is GOOD!

Time for the Christmas tree!  Beautiful beans!

Dang!  Cool flower pic on the camera.

 Awesome reflections from the ornament near the top.

Aunt Joey died in Sheboygan right around the time I found this ornament to put on the tree.  She gave it to me back in 1980 when I was one.  Rest in peace, Johanna.

 "Celebrate the Coming" - Chancel Choir, Denver Brass

I'm the tiny, spiky-haired head, behaving quite nicely.

 AND they let me play along!  Great way to 
usher in the season of Advent!

(Apparently, this was my 500th blog post - crazy!
More updates to come.)

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