Friday, April 5, 2013

Ho Ho Holy Cow It's Been a While Since Christmas...

What better time to catch up on 
Christmas pictures than Spring Break?!?  

We're low tech / high action kind of people.
Let the Griswold, er, Greenwald/Klein-Wassink Christmas commence!

Woohoo!  The Wisconsin bunch has arrived!
Brad, Dad, Mom, Grandma Dot, Brenda 

(Heads up:  the Parker Applebee's is CLOSED.  
Even if GPS says it still exists.  Just sayin'.)

 YEAH!  Dot's here!  Day 1:  we headed NORTHWEST!

 For the love of Pete.  
Yet another family photo series.  

 ...still climbing...

 ...almost there...

 Booya!  Three generations!

 Thank you, random stranger, for helping us take the obligatory 
"Get Your Photo Taken By The Estes Park Sign 
Along the Roadside" picture. 

 You rock it, little bro.

 Found these peeps on a bench!

 Found them, too!

 Love it.

I think we need another can of soda...

 Chucking little, green Army men into the tree.  A must.

Crazy, anyway you slice it.

 The fourth Sunday of Advent - we're almost there!

 The blessing of Ruth Ann in preparation for her Sabbatical.

Godspeed, my friend.  Go with God.
 Time to go SOUTH.
 Garden of the Gods - we love that place!

 Welcome to Fort Carson.

Need. More. Eggs.
Solving the world's problems, 
one pair of cargo pants at a time.

 Brad scored us tickets to the Colorado Springs Philharmonic and the Colorado Springs Chorale later that afternoon. FABULOUS concert and heard Lauridsen's "O Magnum Mysterium" live for the first time since our choir tour to Europe - my heart broke over and over again that day.  Good call, BJ.
 And the synchronized lights in Castle Rock.
This Griswold Family Christmas.  Times ten.

 Merry Christmas...part 1.  
Denver Aquarium.


 Dot, Tiger.  Tiger, Dot.

Um, little might want to back up.

How fun to have Dot with us in Colorado this Christmas!
Tucking in my grandmother each night was precious beyond words!

Awfully thankful the glass held on that shark tank.

 I'm oddly grossed out and fascinated, all at the same time.

 Solving MORE world problems.  With sharks as backup.

 Made it!

 Some extra coral, in case my eye ever needs replacing.
Knock on wood.

 Koosh balls!

 Christmas at Bren's

PROOF that my feet used to be that tiny!

 He is born, the Child divine.
Screen shots from worship at Bethany Lutheran Church.

 All are welcome this Holy night!

 The Fam on Christmas Eve

 Ru and Dot

 RTG and BG

 We are one colorful bunch!

 Here comes trouble...Sarah and Bren

 Dot, Brad...and the corner plant.  How fun to see them at BLC!

Off to her three month sabbatical..sigh.  Rest well!

 Sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace.

 A fun JL London Advent calendar 
to open each night from Janet and Dick.  
Completely interactive and musical! 

  Christmas Day games - SQUINT to see the picture.

A human, perhaps!?
At least this one has legs!
Our favorite horse in Littleton, Colorado.
Best viewed when circling the colorful Main Streets,
zooming through the Round-Abouts
and singing along at top volume with the Christmas music on the radio!   

Merry Christmas!

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