Tuesday, April 9, 2013

February Freeze and Tangled Trees

Sometimes, February is freezing.

 Sometimes, February is frosty.

And sometimes, February is downright gorgeous.


 And then there's Sister Wendy, an amusing British nun whose commentary on Art is refreshing and rather frank.  She enlightened us (via DVD) on our annual Lenten Retreat in early February.

 WHOA!  I mean, WHOA!  
Stacie and I were quickly reminded we were in horse country!

  Needing to get away from it all.

 Don't mess with me.


 Life was about as tangled as this tree.

Mother of pearl.  
Getting us in this configuration was, um, trying.  

Kudos to Art for pulling it off, 
but I'm not sure our necks will ever be the same!  :)

 PROOF.  I delivered our birthday cookies to Brad.
And didn't eat them.  
Nope. Not even one.  Or two.  

 The dawn of Lent.

 A time of reflection.

 And examining one's self.

 I love the days when Nicole brings Emma and 
Maddie by my classroom on their way to Preschool.
Apparently, Maddie loves it too!

Thank you, Krispy Kreme, for creating Valentines 
that give you a doughnut.  And thank you, children, 
for remembering your music teacher!

Woohoo!  Birthday lunch time in the lounge!

My former student, Emily, makes these delightful creatures!
I love the reactions from the kids when I wear them! Thanks, Em!

 Birthday lunch on February 16, 2013.

 We're very serious.
And apparently have very different body temperatures!

Our birthday gang signs.

Never underestimate the joy of Costco.

 Little Bean knows what's coming.

 Large pillow pile?  Like we didn't see this coming!


 FroYo! Birthday happiness continued!
Pay no attention to the gummi-bear, marshmallow-filled cup.



 Love.  34 is looking pretty good!

 Me thinks Sarah has been here...

...and here!

My peeps know me well!

Hey, look!  My fish can swim vertically!
Aw, man....wait.  Another one bites the dust.

Painting time during Confirmation Mentoring (Lentoring).
This looked wicked cool when wet!   Totally splattered onto the canvas!

 Grace painted anything flesh colored on this sketch.

February may be cold, but it certainly was sparkly!

Holy cow, it snowed.  A LOT.

 This is the TOP of my car - I sliced through 
the snow so you can see how deep it was!

Our annual volunteering night at Soup for the Soul,
a great fundraiser for those who tend to folks in hospice.

Sometimes, February is downright lovely.

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