Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gird Your Loins: Pork, Parties and Another Dead Fish

Colorado in the Fall is ALWAYS breathtaking!

Good Morning, Castle Rock!

Banana Bread is GREAT in Bread form, 
but not so hot in CupcakeLand.
UNLESS, you need a fruit holder.  Then, SCORE

One should NEVER give Brenda giant marshmallows.
And a lighter.
And the idea to make homemade S'mores. 

Yeah for Gladiolus stalks! HUGE and such color!

Bean and Little Bean were perplexed by the giant,
naked baby in the Fellowship Hall at church.

BOOYA!  It was our Annual Mustang Gallop,
where our kids would run in circles on the field,
raising money for the school.  We banged these
BoomWhackers and cheered the kiddos on in
90º+ heat!  Rock on, mustangs!

Check out the SUN DOG.  You learn SO MUCH
when you hang out with the Science Teachers all day!

Do you see what I see?

I see two faith-filled women, renewing their spirits!

Family Worship on Rally Day - a full crowd
and lots of faith-formation and joy in the room!

Baby 1, you get a shower.  Even Baby 2 you get a shower.
Baby 3?  A Sprinkle!  Waiting with great anticipation for
Nicole's little boy, Thaddeus Maximillian Mortimer the First
to arrive in a few weeks!  (No, that's not his name...although Emma
and Maddie would name him Avacado if they got their way!)

Mmmm....blue cupcakes in the library.

Well, snap.  Blue cupcakes ON the library.
Don't tell Susan.

See, these carts come in handy.


A little wisdom from Micah.

Ruth Ann hosted a military dinner for families with military members.  I dipped some red strawberries in white chocolate and blue sprinkles for some good ole, American fun.

AND THEN I found a recipe for camouflage cupcakes.

Check THAT out!

Might have taken the red, white and blue thing a bit too far...
Tasted just fine, just mentally frightening!

We love to sing in the car!  La la laaaaaa!

For those of you who know how squeamish I can be with slimy animals, this is a major victory!  The sixth graders were dissecting squids, and I didn't want to be left out of the fun!  EEW!

Colorful fun from Sheboygan!

See the four helicopters flying overhead?  They are on their
way to help out the stranded people in flooded Estes Park.

Love the taste, HATE the feeing of Pork Loin!

Something tells me my little brother
had his phone out during church!

Nevermind the fact that the barista had NO idea how to make a green tea latte...I think the HOT sleeve will really come in handy on my ICED drink.  DUH!

So my kids were making some listening maps for Hadyn's "Surprise Symphony".  You NEVER know what you're going to get when you ask for a simple picture and icon!  HYSTERICAL.

Go, Team!  Some awesome, hand-painted mugs filled
with our favorite treats for our Specials Team at school!

Apparently, once wasn't enough.
I actually returned to dissect the thing with a class.
Eew and cool.  More eew.

"Oh, what a beautiful morning..."

"Oh, what a horrible night..."

I know, I know.  I was actually CLEANING his bowl to go get him blessed at church when I totally missed when pouring him back into the clean bowl.  Even with all the practice with squids, I was still too squeamish to pick him up.  Yes, he died.  Yes, I'm an awful fish owner.  Bad Brenda.

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