Friday, October 18, 2013

Welcome to Finter

That's right.  
Not Fall.  Not Winter.

The season that can't make up its mind.  

Gorgeous, as it might be.

I realized this week that Murder, She Wrote is actually the adult version of Scooby Doo.  Think about it:  lame mysteries solved and then painfully explained (in ridiculous detail) by the locals?  If it weren't for those darn kids...see?  It fits!  And, Angela turned 88 this week.  Way, to go, Ang.  Scooby, dooby doo!

 There it is again.  Amazing color.

Incredible detail! 

Aw, my favorite little pumpkin!

This video cracks me up!  
My pal, Dawn, sent it to me, straight from the big island.  
It's a local playing the ukulele.  And yodelling.  
At the same time.  ENJOY.

 It's all about perspective.

 Finter at its finest.

From where will my help come?

Oh, that's right.  Amen.

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