Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday, 20 January 2017: Tel Aviv / San Francisco

We arrive in San Francisco this morning. Welcome home!

Goodness.  Who knew how important it would be to find a seat between us.  We were SUPER happy campers to have found out we could sit together AND a flight attendant moved the person on the end to a new row, giving these two tired travelers a little more hip, knee, and elbow room for the 14 hour, 37 minute flight back home.  Amen and amen!  And God bless the noise-cancelling headphones Susan brought - they allowed her to sleep and sleep and sleep on our ride back.  Dare I say, it was almost faster to travel back in 1 swoop than breaking into two parts.  

It all seems quite unreal, this bouncing back and forth between continents.  Haven't quite landed, even if we are out of the air.  It was like being dropped into a different scene, and then being snatched back up to our former reality.  Except our reality has changed ever so drastically.  We returned to the United States on Inauguration Day...where that orange-haired man becomes...our...president.  Ugh.  Can't quite stomach even typing it.  And can't quite stomach what atrocities are to come for our own country. 

Here we were, visiting a country so bent on regaining their own land, and we land in a country that's being defended at ALL costs by a leader who looks to push everyone who 'doesn't belong' out.  To say I'm conflicted would be an understatement.  Palestinians so direly want their land, and I don't really care for mine at the moment.  Argh.  I get frustrated thinking about what is to I will try and ground myself in the NOW.  

The NOW of realizing just how this particular, 2-week period of our lives will shape us forevermore. 

The NOW of wondering how to relay that which we learned to those who are curious.

The NOW of answering the question "How was your trip?" when it was so, much more.

The NOW of figuring out how to act on behalf of those we met while now a half of a world away.  

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