Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday, 12 January 2017: Traveling to Jerusalem

During today’s journey to Jerusalem we will stop at Neve Shalom - Wahat al- Salaam (Oasis of Peace), an intentional community jointly established by Jewish and Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel. We’ll have lunch and conversation with peacemakers who live their dream. We’ll also make a stop at the Roman ruins of Caesarea-by-the-Sea before arriving at our Jerusalem hotel late this afternoon. (B, L, D)

Again....check my Facebook page for pictures from the day.  

We made an AMAZING stop today at the Mediterranean Sea!  Our bus stopped at the ruins of Ceasarea by the Sea, which had huge arches (ruins) and this big body of water called THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA!  I can't tell you how many times I've labeled that Sea on maps as a kid...and today we were IN IT!   Ok, well, really....only BEN was really IN it, as he stripped down to his trunks and literally dove in.  Totally wished I could have joined him!  We walked along the shore, picking up and tossing shells, turning over pieces of sea glass, letting the waves crash over our happy, little feet.  What a BEAUTIFUL color that Sea is - words really cannot convey the depths of the blues and greens found within those water.  WOW!

We walked the ruins, toured the theater, and ate in a charming little cafe near the Sea.  Waves splashed us - I could have spent a WEEK at that Sea, just resting in the sound of those crashing waves.  Oh, my soul is happy tonight!

We stopped at the "Oasis of Peace", a place where Palestinians and Jews intentionally live and work and co-exist together.  I had very mixed feelings about this place, wondering how authentic a living experience this really could be if they have to interview people to fill the slots.  I left with more questions than answers.

Our bus delivered us to our new hotel in Jerusalem, quite the posh little estate.  We get to settle in for a good four days, so that feels good.,  We've been on the move quite a lot, and it's nice to have more than 48 hours in one place.  On the way over, Peter gave us a million tips on how to be safe and avoid any sort of troubling folks on the streets tomorrow.  We'll be walking in the Pool of Shalom first thing in the mornings, so we're busy researching just how deep the water will be!

Shalom from the Holy City!

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