Thursday, June 25, 2009

Super Star!

I am a shopping Super Star today! just got back from a fantastic shopping trip to Kohl's. LOVE that store. Now, being dead broke and watching every penny, you would think that a shopping trip would not be in my current vocabulary. Au contraire! Here's how it all unfolded:

I've wanted new bedding for a while now.
Here is the OLD bedding. A lovely grayish
blue color that has served me well.

SO...I drove to my local Kohl's store. I found this wonderful parking spot, nice and close to the doors. Who knew they had such a wonderful parking spot waiting for me?! Super Star! (Can you tell I have a problem with stores that put their employee's needs in front of their customer's? I digress...)

I found this Cranberry ensemble!
It's such a deep, rich color!

...AND these awesome new luggage tags
(do these not scream Brenda or WHAT!?)

...AND this new aluminum water bottle! WOOHOO!

Here's the best part:
Bedding was originally $99.99 - I paid $24.99
Luggage Tages were $4.49 - I paid $4.49
Water bottle was $14.99 - I paid $6.74

Using my $10 reward coupon AND the $25 gift card I received from the Williams Family, I paid a total of $3.19 for my entire loot! I saved $93.75! SUPER STAR!

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Ann Herrell said...

I'm jealous! Good job!