Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SonRock Kids Camp

Vacation Bible School is in full swing at Bethany Lutheran Church this week, and I must say, they've gone all out! Rit Vogel is in charge of Christian Education at Bethany, and she has done a dynamic job of bringing the theme, SonRock Kids Camp, to life! Here are just a few of the projects she coordinated!

Love the 'fire' with real sticks!

HUGE canoe used to collect food for Metro Care Ring!

Just one of the amazing murals, welcoming the campers!

The water pond with rocks, moss, and a MOOSE!

UnBEARably cute!

Yet another fabulous mural!

Check out the tree and bridge! You should have seen us hanging the branches of that tree...anyone who knows me knows I should NEVER been allowed on that super-tall ladder...!

Here's my Music Cave, where all the kids come and learn the VBS songs! Great songs, great kids!

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