Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wall of Water

You know, once I get an idea in my doesn't leave my head until it has come to fruition!

Maybe I miss water...
Maybe I had enough burgundy in my home...
Maybe I needed to do something crafty...

All I know is that 1 discount can of paint and 30 minutes later (yes, I'm a super fast painter), I have a wonderful new wall in my living room! LOVE IT!

Here's the before picture - a lovely burgundy wall!

No visits to Sky Ridge Medical Center this time!

Woohoo! The after pic!
LOVE it - the room is happier already!


Chance said...

I like the blue! It is very refreshing! Is your bedroom lime green?! Fun! I want to see that room!

The Quietts said...

I was wondering about the lime green bedroom myself. What a wonderful color (both the blue and the green). Does the lime green go with your new comforter?

Brenda said...

LIME GREEN!? Do you really think I'd have a LIME GREEN bedroom wall with a beautiful cranberry bedding? Goodness, no!

That wall is 'grape vine green' - closer to SAGE or OLIVE. I will need to grab a closer picture of that wall! :o)

OR, you'll just both have to stop on by and say hello, seeing the wall color for yourselves! :)