Monday, October 5, 2009

Flowers and Flamingos

Wasn't really trying to make this picture artistic -
the flash did crazy things to the colors. I'll take it!

LOVE having beautiful flowers in the house!

I don't care how old you are: care packages from your parents are fun at any age! Here are the contents of a recent package from Sheboygan: a fun NYC card, ridiculous cow napkins from Texas, a calendar quote about teaching, my very own pink flamingo lawn ornament, and enough gum to get me to be quiet (chewing instead of talking) during meetings! AWESOME!

Here's my Grow-a-Flamingo.
I'm so lucky. It's so freaky.
You know you want one of your own.

Mum on her birthday. See, she likes flowers, too!
$10 to the person who can accurately count the number of
Halloween/Fall decorations
in her kitchen.
The next photo has even more. :o)

The Cowboys Nuts. I mean Brad and Dad.
How many ghosts and pumpkins and
leaves and skeletons can YOU find?

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