Saturday, October 10, 2009

Miles and Smiles

The beauty of the Catskills in Upper New York - the scene of yet another one of Brad and Dad's grandioso motorcycle journeys around the United States.

The evil weather/radar - I think I'm going to start charging Dad and Brad for those late night "turn on the computer right now, find us the nearest available hotel, what does the radar look like" phone calls. Honestly. They rode from WI to NY in 22 hours of rain so Brad could have "Iron Butt" bragging rights (riding 1,000 miles in less than 24 hours). Pretty sure I've earned "Iron Brenda" status for all the computer/tech support on my end, thank you very much. :)

October 4th was a busy day for movement! The Bethany Team
reached their goal for the "Race for the Cure"! Hooray!

Pumpkin Man! Here's Pastor Ron Glusenkamp, crossing the finish line at the Maine Marathon. 26.2 miles! Woohoo! Many of us were busy tweeting him during the race - you can read more about his adventures on his blog, REVUP-RTG.

I spent the afternoon and evening of October 4th running
after two little people myself, Abby and AJ. DARLINGS.
Their family adventures are chronicled here!

Who knew that watching little capsules dissolve into Halloween characters could reveal such GLEE! We were going to watch just a few of them erupt, but ended up dissolving the entire package of 12! Happy boy! I bet AJ wishes he had his very own Grow-A-Flamingo, too...

Check out Nicola's Bronco boy, John! Game on!

Faith Formation bulletin board BEFORE... loose vision of what I was thinking....

...and here's how it turned out!
This is where scrapbooking intersects with Faith!
(I love a good challenge - thanks, RAL!)

Autumn in Castle Rock!

Miss Emma Isabella is 3 months old now!
Happy Baby, Happy Brenda!

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