Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well, that was fun. Just got back from Safeway. Being the ever-graceful swan that I am, I slipped on some water in the front entrance, slid sideways on my heels (still wearing them from church), and doubled over backwards ONLY to catch myself just in time, re-gain my balance, twist myself upwards, and congratulate myself on avoiding yet another ER visit.

This would have been a lovely miracle of gravity just between me and the shopping cart to my right had it not been for the open-mouthed elderly woman standing right behind me, having witnessed the nearly-avoided catastrophe.

LADY: "That could have been a SERIOUS fall, sweetie."
ME: "Why, yes, it could have been quite bad. I'm rather lucky, aren't I?"
LADY: "You bet you are, sweetie. You turned that into a SERIOUS recovery. Nicely done."

Thank you.

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Tammy said...

Wow. Sounds like things are getting serious over in that der part of da country.

I can't believe all the places your dad and Brad are riding too. Almost makes me wish I had a motorcycle. Almost. :-)

I love the conversations with your kids. My favorite is the wart. Yes, we all lose part of our body that will be gone forever...I keep hoping they are called POUNDS but no such luck lately!! Oh well. Such is life.