Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yearbook's done, Brenda's back!

Hello, again! Been a while since I've been able to blog! As soon as I returned from the Retreat, it was time to begin Operation: Produce Elementary School Yearbook! It (happily) took up all of my photo time over the last month, and is finally complete! Nicola and Annie were awesome teammates, and I'm proud of the work we've done - we sold over 300 copies of this year's book! Woohoo!

And now, for some recent stories and pics from the life of Brenda!

Remember the Lasagna Dinner from back in February (details here)? Here's another pic of Pastor Carrot, Leslie the Emcee, and Pr Ruth Ann. Such a fun night!

Our school organized a Health Faith, and my job was to lead the kiddos through Brain Breaks. Here we are tracing a sideways "8" in the gym.

(Note: fun photos removed from original post...)

Every 5 minutes, we rotated groups and repeated the activity.
Every. 5. Minutes. Oy.

I successfully lead 45 groups through this lesson.
And then there was the 46th lesson...

...the 46th lesson. The lesson that concluded with a child tossing his cookies all over me! Poor little guy! I should have been the one with the crossed eyes!

Pretzel Power! Here we are at Confirmation, baking pretzels. We've used baking as a metaphor for spiritual growth during Lent. Anytime I can EAT the metaphor works for me!

Baby Brenda: Anniversary of my Baptism: March 11, 1979. Love the fingers - I either understood the Trinity early in life or am displaying the baby gang sign "W" for Word!

Preparing for Easter at Bethany!
We're going to go BAREFOOT on Easter to help victims of the Haiti earthquake. It's a national movement - read more here!

My crazy 6th graders - I let a few of them pull out the instruments and was once again blown away by their sheer chutzpah and talent! They sang and played an original song (yes, the garage band concept does still exist), asked for a microphone, and completely enthralled their classmates!

Not only did they do a great job for their classmates, but they lobbied our principal for a mini-assembly after our upcoming Field Days! They've been given 20 minutes to perform! Way to go, kiddos!

Safety First: the kids were asked to create a circular song (one that starts and ends with the same problem, e.g. "There's a hole in the bucket..."). This group decided to create a flat tire song. It's not so much the flat tire or the smoke pouring from the hood that caught my attention, but rather the AIRBAG the kids felt they had to include for the driver! HA!

Another case of the kids grabbing the camera during our class. Yes, that would be me rocking out with the 5th graders. "Follow the Leader" by the Soca Boys. Scarves mandatory.

I-19. O-75. B-4. Go ahead, say it...B4 (before what?) Family Game Night at Flagstone - Two and a half hours of reading BINGO numbers to a lively Flagstonian crowd. I had one kiddo plant himself in the front row promptly at 6:30 and didn't move until 8:20 pm! This kid loved BINGO!
Do you see what I see?

Hein-Fry Lecture Series here at Bethany. Here's visiting lecturer Dr. Rick Carlson, Pr Beth Purdum, Pr Ruth Ann, and Pr Ron. Lecture topic was "Hearing the Word: Teaching the Bible in the Parish and Beyond."

Dr. Carlson lectured, Pr Purdum responded, and then we were able to engage in a discussion as a whole group. Personally, I'm amused by the looks on our faces; Bob (in white), thinks we look spiritual and cerebral. We'll go with that!

Sweet pea! Here is Miss Emma, Nicole's little one, on her Baptism day! "Called by the Holy Spirit, trusting in the grace and love of God..."

Fishicide: when your pet fish jumps to his death from his bowl not 2 hours after you cleaned it, and you narrowly avoid stepping on his carcass (which is now stuck to the carpet far below). I just know somehow I'm going to be blamed for this...

Meet the new members of this already crazy household: Fish 1 and Fish 2. Now, those aren't their official names. The little guy in near the blue stones shall be called KOOSH, and still working on the the other guy. I know, I know...WHY get two more FISH...

Tuesday, March 23: horrible snowstorm here in Colorado, especially down here in Castle Rock. I tried to make it to Church Council, only to realize that driving a small Hyundai in an evil snowstorm just might not be the brightest of ideas. I pulled off at the hospital exit (9 miles up the road), only to have the road disappear before me and BOTH of my wiper blades give out. They were literally screeeeeeeching along my windshield as I slid into the ditch. Awesome.

After digging myself out of this ditch, using my handy-dandy travel shovel of course, I pull out my Tie Dye Duct Tape (bless the Holm Family and their lovely Christmas gift), and tape my blades back together so that I have even a chance of making it home alive.

Clearly, God wasn't quite ready for me to join Him, as He had many MANY opportunities to take me during this horrid drive home. I was wet, I was scared, I was stressed. Ugh.

I finally reach my home, only to find it without power. The first 2 hours were okay, as it was still warm. The next 2...not so much. Then power would return...then go out. Each time it came back on, I'd get something else done: gather the extra batteries, charge the cell phone, turn up the heat. Phone calls from friends and families helped me keep in touch with the outside world, and I can now locate every blanket in my entire home.

When I finally calmed down, I was able to sit and somewhat enjoy the nature-imposed silence and darkness. I lit enough candles to see what I was doing, and took comfort in Delia's angel, Hope.
Enough snow for a Snow Day.
AND Gummi Bears in Granola.
For Breakfast.
It's the little things.

Heeeeeeere, little Hyundai...come OUT!

After the crazy-business of the last fews weeks, I'm always looking for signs of hope, peace, and love. Thank you, frozen wet winter gloves, for reminding me of this message!


Ann Herrell said...

Wow... an action-packed blog! Glad you are safe–didn't even know I should have been worrying. Good for you for pulling over and turning around (even if you did pull into a ditch). Glad you got a day of rest today, accompanied by electricity!

rtg said...

Brenda, the reality tv show is in the offing. I see it happening. there will be "spin-offs" as well as action figure dolls. next will come a line of liturgical clothing, coupled with bg signature perfume,
an automotive commercial, and a contract with a record label.
the future is so bright, you're gonna have to wear shades. thanks for being the faith former and aaa Christian that YOU ARE!