Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unidentified Objects

And....now I'm caught up once again. Whew.

If it's choir season, it's time for cool
Money Men from the MacLeans!

Please, oh please, what is UNIDENTIFIED!?

Do you see what I see? Love it!

Okay, so I can't draw. I don't even pretend I can draw.
I always make a full disclaimer to the kids.

My green frog on a log, however, was especially bad.
The labeled frog above my frog was a child's solution
to my horrendous attempt at this amphibian!

The next day, I received two drawings
of what a frog really looks like.
Thank you, children.

Ooh, la la Frog.

(overheard in store)

"Mom, I'm afraid of the giant cat!"
"What cat?" says the mom.


So SO not amused to find this on my chair.
The kids thought they were HILARIOUS.

Melody Mobile in the Music Room.
I love kid spelling.

Brenda has a new hat! WOOHOO!

Again with these funny t-shirts this year.

Theme and Variation - the musical concept of the day.

This little one decided that mutant ninja
turtles needed to make a comeback.

Finally, can you identify this object?

Only after slicing into it did we determine
it to be a mini cucumber! (I think...)

1 comment:

Tammy said...

Frog?? Check! Too, too funny.

Do you think the red balloon from the MOBsters is from that old movie The Red Balloon? Maybe one of them if that little boy all grown up!