Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Bunny, the Mob, and the World's Largest Zucchini

Back to Church Sunday was September 12 - a national movement that encourages people to invite a friend to church. We had a "Fair" of sorts in the Fellowship Hall, and, while it might not have brought everyone back to church, it certainly highlighted the many ministries, programs, and opportunities to serve.

God's Garden - supporting the people of Zimbabwe.

Family Ministries had a bunny. A really, tall bunny. Hmm....

The dynamic duo: Adult Learning team and Faith Formation

This cracked me up: the (totally dedicated and caring) men's ministry at Bethany is called the MOB. (Men of Bethany). Tough guys....and their little red balloon! HA!

Warren and Operation One Nation, our veteran's support ministry.

Race for the Cure is coming up - love Cathy's hat!
Here's to fighting the battle...and winning!

Someone gave me the world's largest zucchini. Seriously, a man asked me if I wanted it, and I was so shocked by the size of this thing, I didn't even focus on WHO gave it to me! HUGE!

I think it would make a lovely neck pillow for my next flight.

Or...just a happy smile! :)

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