Friday, November 11, 2011

Give us Hope

November 9, 2011: I brought some of my singing choir kiddos to a Feeder Area concert the other day - 4 elementary schools + 1 middle school + 1 high school - all in an effort to promote the arts and let the kids see the natural progression of their singing life. I would have liked to see more of a workshop focus than a concert focus, but hey...I was able to connect with a ton of former students, my current kids did a great job, behaved beautifully on what was a long day for everyone and were able to sing with other/older kids for a bit. Works for me!

I love seeing my 'little' ones in their HIGH SCHOOL choir!

Up on the stage, figuring things out.

The mix of expressions in this photos captures the essence of my everyday life with elementary kiddos: dazed, humorous, tired, listening, confused, content. Love each of their personalities!

Sing on!

"We can make a difference...yes we can...we can!"

The peeps got to sit up in the balcony that surrounded the open foyer.
Happy little campers.

Proof that some of my little ones are still singing in middle school!!

Some ridiculously talented kiddos.
Seriously...I'll be saying "I knew them when..." someday.

One happy and proud teacher.
Two incredibly thoughtful and hard-working musicians.

BOOYA! for families who came to support us...and kept us entertained as we watched them jump from one large tile square to another during the concert!

These are my reasons for hope each day!

"Listen to the sound of my voice.

Can you feel the beat of my heart?
Listen to the questions I have. Listen to me.

It’s all very simple, to see what we need.

Give us hope - my voice is calling.
Can you see? Look in my eyes.
Can you feel - my hand is reaching.
Give us hope and we’ll show you the way."

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