Thursday, November 17, 2011

Headwear and Spineg

Apparently, I like to hang out with a lot of children wearing hats.
And helmets.
Welcome to the last month of my life.

Abs, flying the plane to Florida.

Just give me the zucchini bread and no one gets hurt.

Castle Rock has the craziest weather.
Some rather beautiful, crazy weather.

Car Seat Safari.
Creepy Doll not included.

...sleeping baby...
...happy brenda...

Sporty little pirate.

Really, now. Could he be any cuter?

Karaoke, anyone?

Technology is a wonderful thing.

Hello, God.

November sunsets are the best.

I looked up in time to catch 11:11pm on 11/11/11. Cool.

I can't bear to put a bigger picture of these events on the blog. Ugh.

Uprooted trees at Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp and a major fire destroying the lodge at St. Malo's Catholic Retreat Center up in Estes Park.

Lots of wonderful moments at both locations.
Previous posts: Family Retreat at Camp, Lenten Retreat at Malo's

Google: St. Malo Fire for the latest on the fire and
click here to read about the major wind damage at Rainbow Trail)

The Great I Am...even in the storm.

Do you see what I see?

Parrotheads, unite!
Peter and Jim Mayer with Ron and Ruth Ann.

Nothing says feeding the hungry like a bowl of pops and some spinach.

Somehow just going with the flow was easier
than explaining what a wild card really was.
Love those kiddos of mine.

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