Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Wookiee, A Walk and I Wonder What's Next

Da boys of Nort Dakota, you betcha.

HOW could I not have included The Boys in the Minot stories!? Bill and Dar (ok...Dar) gave us each a postcard of the true men of the northern Dakota. Such lovely companions during our Mission Trip.

They look a heckuva lot more at home in da snow, dontcha think?

Autumn. Winter. Autumn. Winter.

All you need is love.
And a whole bunch of kids who love music. :)

My salad is looking at me...

I may work a bajillion hours at church,
but the evening sky does wonders for your spirit!

Apparently, the theme of the week.
At least this one was a happy BOO!

This is simply wonderful! Our Fall Food Drive at Flagstone is going toward the people of Metro CareRing, the food bank near and dear to my heart! Love the illustrations. HOORAY!

Well, as long as it was a Wookiee, not an Ewok. WHAT?!

I will be a blessing to my pillow who misses me very much.
Wait, I mean...

Sounds good. Worship at 8, 9, 10:30. Fall back.

At this point, all I can do is laugh.
Some seriously bad election results tonight here in Douglas County.
As in, not a good day to be a musical specialist kind of night.
A start praying kind of night.
I think another walk in the snow is called for.

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