Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Color Me Happy


On my walls.  In my classroom.  On my dishes.
In my clothes.  In my pens.  In my spirit.



Wall Color

Bad Color.  BAD BAD Color.

Water Color

Baby Color

Red and blue Color.  Bad BAD BAD color.

Bluebird Color (see him?  he's tiny!)

Can't See Straight It's So Hot Color

Congratulatory Color!
Holy Spirit Color

Memories Color

Brother-In-Law Color

Generous Color - over 2,000lb of Food collected that day!

Family Color

Prayerful Color

Thankful Color

Yummy Color

Baptismal Color

Metallic Color

Bouquet Color

Purples Color

Angelic Color

Prayful Color

Vacation Bible School Color

Music Room Color

Songtime Color

Hula Hooping Color

Magnificent Mural Color

Swimtastic Color

Metro CareRing Food Pick-up Color

Abbey the Little Helper Color

Flag Time with the Kindergartners Color

Dancetime Color

Hooping Color

Waving Color

Little Disciple Color

Ridiculous Number Color

Majestic Sunset Color

View from the Courtyard Color

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